Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Book Review: 'The Scandal of It All' by Sophie Jordan

Thirty-five years of exemplary living are about to go down the drain, as Graciela, the widowed Duchess Autenberry is about to be busted. After being a devoted wife to a less than deserving husband, raising and loving three children and step children, and living chastely for ten years as a widow, “Ela” has decided to take a walk on the wild side. A friend has convinced Ela that a visit to Club Sodom will let her explore her sexuality with no strings, and perhaps find the fulfillment she never reached while married.
As luck would have it, Ela is about to come face to face with her stepson, Marcus, at the club. As a frantic Ela tries to leave or hide, she falls into the arms of Colin, her stepson’s best friend, who hides her from Marcus by embracing her. This embrace is something that Colin has fantasized about for years, and he begins a pursuit of Ela to truly begin an affair. I liked Ela, while at the same time became somewhat exasperated with her. I found her to be an admirable woman, who endured a loveless, physically unfulfilling marriage to a philandering husband, while letting his children believe he was a good man and husband. She retained her outward dignity while enduring snubs for her un-English heritage. Yet, though she endured these things, she’s terrified of exploring passion with a man who’s younger than she is, fearful of society’s censure and her family’s reaction. Colin is a dream – he doesn’t see Ela as an older woman, just a woman that he desires. I love his treatment of her and his fearlessness about other’s reactions if they are found out. I was somewhat disappointed at the plot device used which ultimately brought them together, but the fabulous conclusion remedied that.
The Scandal of It All is a hot and steamy read, which deals with the taboo of an older woman and a younger man in a time when it truly was shocking. I enjoyed the hero’s persistence and devotion, and eventually the heroine’s awakening to her own self worth on the way to their happy ever after.

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