Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Book Review: 'Royal Beast' by Nikki Chase

According to the brief bio at book’s end Pacific Northwest author Nikki Chase is a contemporary romance author. After having her own real-life insta-love experience, Nikki now lives happily ever after with her husband in the Pacific Northwest writing ‘suspenseful contemporary romance featuring hot, cocky, dominant bad boys who like to make their women beg for it.’ ROYAL BEAST is Nikki’s eighth romance novel: she has written thirteen novels to date.

And so we meet Prince James “A prince has many more considerations than a regular citizen does. Besides, the timing of the scandal blowing up also coincided with the queen’s illness. She was growing weaker and weaker by the day at the time.”) and Rosemary (‘I forgot that Cheryl’s exposé on James happened not long after his mother also got involved in another incident that blew up. She was already sick when the gossip about James’ mean streak started making the rounds, and then her condition got worse and she eventually died. Again, I curse myself for not keeping up with gossip about the royals. But then again, I was eleven when the scandal involving Prince James happened. It’s hard to imagine that he had to go through something like that when he was only eighteen. It’s been ten years since then, and the kingdom still hasn’t forgotten.’)
And the game and fireworks are on.

But on to the story – ‘Life’s not a fairy tale, and princes don't fall for bookish virgins like me. I didn't know about the secret palace in the woods. Not until I held a stolen rose from its gardens. A tall, dark, and mysterious man lives within the palace. He’s known across the kingdom as the royal beast. They say he’s a monster. He also happens to be the crown prince. As punishment for my crime, the prince orders me to spend one month as his prisoner. But instead of throwing me into the dungeon, he whisks me into his bedchamber. He's the freaking crown prince, and I'm just a girl from a provincial town in the middle of nowhere. We don’t belong together. That's obvious. But somehow he knows about my dark, secret desires. All he has to do is speak in that low, dominant voice, and I melt into a submissive puddle. Despite my reservations, I find myself wanting to surrender my virgin body to the prince—and my heart, too. I really should stay away. But being punished has never felt so good.'

Great little twist on the courting of a virgin – and a sense that Nikki Chase is going to do very well in this genre. Grady Harp, October 17

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