Thursday, October 19, 2017

Book Review: 'Rise of the Phoenix' by Dameon Gibbs

Maryland author Dameon Gibbs prepared well for his introduction into being a writer – he has degrees Anthropology and World History and an MA in Classical Studies. He works with inner-city youth in Baltimore. His wide variety of successful books includes themes that are religious, poetic, science fiction, historical, biographies or action adventure.

Dameon not only writes well, keeping his novel on the human interaction level as he gradually introduces characters in his Prologue – families whose presence will playa role once he has opened the suspense of his upcoming story – but he also has a keen sense of inserting human rights in a subtle manner, information that plays a significant role in the underbelly of his suspense novel. What he has done is no unlike describing how the country felt the day before and the morning of 9/11. After meeting several families the hint of what lies ahead is planted: ‘In the heart of downtown, Jason Moorehouse sat nervously alone in his hotel room at the Spindall Tower Hotel, wiping beads of sweat from his forehead. He had been up all night preparing himself for a major business deal that his company had placed him in charge of securing. This was big for Jason: he was a first-year graduate from law school and his company, E-TRACE, trusted him to finish a major business deal with the Department of Defense. Their deal would give E-TRACE the exclusive rights to be the sole provider of electronic tracking devices to the US Military for the next five years. Nervous yet exhilarated at the thought of landing the contract; he recalled all the years of hard work that were finally going to pay off. Being a young African American made Jason feel as if he had to work harder than his competitors; to him, this deal was a means of proving blacks could work it in a predominantly white business. With the commission for completing this deal, Jason would finally be able to start living the American Dream. He wanted nothing more than to purchase a new home for his parents, to show them how much he appreciate their love and support. Finally, the deal would allow him to propose to his college sweetheart. His watch read 1: 12 pm, giving him a few hours to his meeting. With his hands resting comfortably in his pockets, he gazed out his 87th story window, getting an amazing view of the bustling city and the sparkling blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean in the distance.’

But on to the story, well summarized by Dameon - ‘Two Bodies: a Skilled Merc, and a Powerful Terrorist…Finding their connection is the responsibility of CIA Analyst Dante Tucker and Delta Force Operative Sgt. Nicholas "Edge" Pierce. It quickly becomes clear that the murdered terrorist is simply the start of something far larger, a plan that intends to shake the foundation of America. The Heart of Miami is in Ruins…Destroyed by a new weapon, wielded by a mysterious organization. Tucker and Edge are on the hunt for those responsible before the next phase of this plan can be launched. But with each encounter they have to question are they the Hunters or the Hunted? In this game of cat and mouse that extends from the Everglades to the mountains of Oregon and the nation's capital itself, Tucker and Edge will stop at nothing to bring down those who are responsible!’

Dameon covers the arena of his book is fine fashion – opening with hints of the terror to come but allowing the story to gradually emerge until it is almost intolerably tense. Fine writing from a man with talent. Grady Harp, November 16

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