Friday, October 20, 2017

Book Review: 'Planet Robani 1' by Lamees Alhassar

Author Lamees Alhassar is a very beautiful woman who is a prolific writer, artist and humanitarian, having authored a number of books concerning the immense potential for all human beings to become tremendous catalysts of change and positivity. Her rather phenomenal number of books published includes fiction, paranormal themes, self help books, beautiful coloring books based on mandalas and more, children’s books, and on and on. From her exquisite website, rich in imagery and videos, we learn that Lamees ‘was inspired to write about cancer awareness after the passing of her brother, Ali, who lost his valiant fight against cancer in October 2014. She wrote a book that is distributed for free to cancer patients and their families throughout the Middle East. She fervently hopes that she will be able to make a positive contribution to the society she lives in—and beyond—through her writing and considerable charity work. She has committed herself to this, body and soul, and dedicates a substantial amount of her time, resources, and wealth to this noble mission. Lamees has great belief in the strength that comes from reading, knowledge, and the power of the written word. She believes in the ability of the individual to make a substantial difference in the world. This is why she writes books that touch upon cancer awareness and the empowerment of people to lead a better life (on a personal, career and societal level), ultimately benefiting the whole world.’ And as she states, ‘‘Don’t cry over lost opportunities for there are many more to come.”

Lamees’ writing style is smooth and lyrical, carefully describing all aspects of her cast members and the atmosphere in which this story takes place, as is evident in the opening paragraphs – ‘The black limousine came to a stop by the side of a towering building somewhere on Wall Street. A tall man wearing a red and blue uniform and cap came down and walked around it. Using one of his whitegloved hands, he opened the passenger’s door. He bowed down slightly and said, “We have arrived at headquarters, Mr. Robani.” “Thank you, Albert,” Marcus Robani stated and exited the limo. For a moment he stood there by the curb and inhaled the air, savoring the feel of the warm, windy morning on his face. He was dressed in a black twopiece suit and a white shirt with a red tie. I have never tired of dressing like a banker, he thought as he surveyed the environment. What was it that they used to say— when you are in Rome, you should behave like a Roman. And the way you dress is the way you are going to be addressed. Those two sayings had guided him in all of his business activities. He loved to dress like a banker even though he no longer was one. Secondly, he had to behave like a banker because after all, he was based in one of the major financial capitals of the world. Even though he was involved with engineering and technology, he did not think it would be appropriate to dress casually in jeans and a t-shirt like most CEOs of tech companies were fond of doing. After all, he reasoned, he was operationally based in the Big Apple, not Silicon Valley or Chicago. He looked up again at the structure in front of him. The towering building that stood before him was an edifice. It was painted white and had huge glass panes all over it. The sign at the top said: OSEV, Outer Space Exploration Ventures, Inc. He smiled as he looked at the sign again. OSEV, Inc. Today is going to be a good day, he thought as he walked through the glass doors. He could feel it in his bones.’

The plot synopsis is as expected – quick, accurate and well composed: ‘The adventure takes place in the future, when space travel is commonplace, explorers are on the hunt for a new planet for mankind to inhabit. Marcus Robani’s company is one of those involved in space exploration. For profit. They find a new planet and name it Robani 1. It seems empty, save for billions of dollars’ worth of pure ore. Excavation begins. A crooked US Senator wants some of those billions, and blocks Marcus’ company from operations unless he gets a share. However, it comes to light that the planet is not uninhabited after all. The Beings who own it are not pleased with humans moving from their own decimated planet Earth and now abusing their planet. They think it’s time to end the problem of mankind and its greedy ways once and for all: with the complete obliteration of planet Earth. Only Marcus Robani himself can save Earth now . . . perhaps.’

Fine writing and an excellent storyline contribute to this book’s success. Lamees Alhassar proves her stature as a writer of importance. Grady Harp, October 16
I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book.

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