Sunday, October 8, 2017

Book Review: 'One Heart(break) Away' by Charly Wilde

Bulgarian poet Charly Wilde (the professional moniker for Ralitsa Gencheva) earned her degree in Economics worked in the field of Finance for large international companies. Now she steps way from the corporate world to embrace her passion for writing and presents her debut book of poetry One Heart(break) Away. In her brief biography she states that she ‘doesn't believe in people with no sins and in love without madness and believes that the beauty of the words can awaken the dead souls and savage the living ones.’

Her book is brief – ten poems in all – but the brevity of the book allows the reader to easily access her thoughts, cogitate, and return to favorite passages.

Some examples of her craft follow:


When you’re holding me
I become everything
I was meant to be.


Beyond my scars
is my beauty,
beyond my beauty
is my love.


my true love
is closer:
just one heart(break)

Brief, cogent, thoughtful little gems, Charly Wilde is a new poet to watch. Grady Harp, February 17

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