Thursday, October 12, 2017

Book Review: 'one fish two fish red fish dead fish' by Craven Bartholomew

Craven Bartholomew has gifts – as an illustrator, a storyteller, and now we discover he is a teacher! The book is tongue in cheek but then Fuzzbutts are on the outrageous side - what did you expect from one of the kings of somewhat odd Australian humor?

The book is a parody of/inspired by Dr Seuss's classic rhyming story. It takes one of the Fuzzbutts on a journey along that classic childhood path, the death and flushing down the toilet of their pet goldfish.

In Craven’s easy rhyming manner he opens with a Fuzzbutt stating, ‘Why oh why oh me oh my Did on of my fish have to die? There once was two and now there’s one The red one lives, the blue one’s done.’ And despite this loss of a pet Craven turns the story into a funny one – the cat who had eaten a mouse is out for munching on the new deceased blue fish until Fuzzbutt chases away the cat predator and is able to flush the blue fish down the latrine – as originally planned.

Someone had to come up with a book like this and we’re lucky it was Craven because he is in it for laughs as well as education – and youngster’s love being able to read and laugh at silly – but lesson filed - ideas. Very Highly Recommended Grady Harp, October 17

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