Thursday, October 19, 2017

Book Review: 'Nothing Lasts Forever' by Lady Jane Sinclair

Author Lady Jane Sinclair (aka LJ) is an optioned screenwriter who delights in writing terrific little naughty stories – a trait she inherited from her grandmother who also loved sexy stories. Her are about secure powerful women who may step into situations or diversions but take the lead and feel satisfied. She also writes about devilishly handsome men who end up in bed with her female characters. Her characters like sex but they also like to accomplish whatever they set out to do and if sex comes with it, all the better. To date she has penned two books that are short stories, but in this bonus book she offers three stories under one cover!

The stories presented here include ‘Every Man Wants Her’, ‘It’s Never Enough’, and ‘Stepping Up Her Game.’ The lead character is one Virginia Templeton, described in paragraph one of the first story as ‘Virginia Templeton arrived at her psychiatrist’s office, ten minutes late as usual. She was always late, as she rather enjoyed a grand entrance. Virginia was beautiful and knew it, tall and graceful, with hips tapering into long, slender legs. A body to die for, as they say. All heads turned when Virginia entered a room; women wanted to be her, and men just wanted her. She was just as sexy dressed, as she was undressed, since she absolutely loved fashion. Her favorite expression was “shop until you drop,” and she did just that. Virginia loved expensive clothes and shoes — oh, how she loved shoes — and accessorized every outfit. She didn’t
look at price tags and, luckily, she didn’t need to. Virginia’s image didn’t allow her to be all smiles or say nice things, as she preferred to play the misunderstood diva and use her good looks for favors. People didn’t cross the line with Virginia often and, when they did, her wrath was like nobody else’s.’

Virginia’s many affairs begin with her psychiatrist (sort of) and progresses through many equally sexy experiences. The intrigue is provided by her deceased husband Chandler’s entries into her psyche. LJ knows how to write erotic and still keep us involved with the strong characters she creates. Smart women such as this Virginia make her sexy stories pop into focus on a different plane – and that is a welcome addition to the genre. Grady Harp, November 16

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