Thursday, October 5, 2017

Book Review: 'Never Enough' by Roxie Noir

Seems like many authors are searching for themes to become series to write about erotic stories that sell so well. Such is the case with this new Rock Star Romance series that bows onto the scene by California author Roxie Noir. Roxie loves writing about ‘sexy alpha men and the headstrong women they fall for.’ She proceeds to share with us that her ‘weaknesses include: beards, whiskey, nice abs with treasure trails, sarcasm, cats, prowess in the kitchen, prowess in the bedroom, forearm tattoos, and gummi bears.’ She also happens to write well!

She introduces her main players from the first page – ‘Marisol walks through the lobby door, and I hold my breath. I almost always do when she walks into a room, because I swear she lights it up. Even when she looks unhappy, like she does right now. I can’t blame her. I don’t want to be here either, but according to my publicist we’ve got damage control to do, so here I am.'

So from this little Prologue we step into the lives of Gavin and Marisol. ‘It’s a simple enough transaction. Marisol needs the money, and I need a nice girl to parade in front of the cameras. No feelings. No strings. No falling for anyone. I’ve been clean for months, but my record company’s not satisfied. Apparently it isn’t enough to only kick a heroin addiction - they’re insisting that I find a girlfriend as well. If I don’t, they pull Dirtshine’s massive record deal. It’s supposed to show that I’ve changed my ways, that I’ve turned over a new leaf, all that rubbish. And then she shows up. Marisol locks me out of my own concert by accident. She’s wearing a suit at a rock show, searching for her lost law school textbook, has no idea who I am… and for the first time in years, I’m hooked. She’s smart, driven, and utterly gorgeous. The sort of girl who earnestly believes in following the rules and hates when others don’t. I’m a huge rock star, recovering addict. Our relationship is for show, and that’s all. But with every smile, every laugh, and every breathtaking glance at her curves, I want her more. Two months is all we agreed to. But it’s never going to be enough.’

Nice twist and a fine way to step into some well carved erotica. Roxie has the rhythm…Grady Harp, March 17

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