Sunday, October 29, 2017

Book Review: 'Mended' by Kayla Marie

Ashley is running from her past while trying to save her teenage son from his own. Full of grief from her husband’s untimely death and fear for her son, who just can’t seem to stay out of trouble, Ashley packs up their life as they know it and moves cross country in hopes of finding whatever will make things right again. Ashley is a character I believe we have all met in our lifetimes. Ashley represents the girl who had it all, and then hit rock bottom. I found myself respecting her greatly as you see her fight for her son first, neglecting herself and her own desires in order to make things right for him.
Wade is living in past regret of decisions far beyond his control. An independent contractor with a drunken father and a convict brother, Wade finds himself in a position to repair anything around him, including people. When he failed to keep his brother on the straight and narrow path, due to his addiction, Wade straightened up to prove to himself, and others, that he was capable. That he was worthy. His pursuit of Ashley’s son’s friendship, followed by Ashley’s friendship made him someone I knew I wanted to see win the girl in the end. His sweet, southern, hospitality and romantic attempts towards Ashley showed the heart of gold he had hiding under his rugged exterior.
This story was a relatable romance that kept me in its clutches until the last page. In the small town of Mason, Alabama Ashley and Wade’s world collide in a meant-to-be romance of a man who wishes to right his wrongs and a woman whose heart is waiting for the one to mend the broken pieces. Mended is a sweet story of the redemptive power of love and how it truly can set us free! I really enjoyed this book and would definitely recommend readers to put it on their “to-read” list!

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