Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Book Review: 'A Matter of Trust' by Jill Blake

Southern California author Jill Blake knows her way around romance adventures. When not engrossed in creating that now very popular idiom of chick lit, Jill Blake is a physician - a busy MD who loves her practice and her patients - and her three children - and the fact that her husband encourages her to follow her passion of writing. She has written nine books to date - all successes and she most assuredly has a significant second career ahead of her. Though she is Philadelphia bred and gained her degrees from the University of Pennsylvania she now is happily ensconced in the world of Southern California. She has decided to confine her talents in writing to Romance: `Why romance, you ask? Because I love a guaranteed happy ending. I hope you do, too!' We did, and you will.

One of the reasons Jill’s books work so well is the fact that she knows how to build characters who are not only fully credible, but also original. Couple that with the fact that her romances have well-considered twists that keep the reader guessing and you have a taste of Jill Blake’s talent.

The synopsis of this book (which happens to be Book 3 of her Silicon Beach Trilogy) shows that even though reading books 1 and 2 prior to settling into Book 3, this story is a stand alone novel. ‘Venture capitalist Vlad Snezhinsky excels at two things: making money and being a dad. Still struggling through a bitter divorce, he has zero interest in starting a new relationship. That is, until he meets Klara Lazarev. Klara doesn't have time for romance. She's too busy forging her own path in life: scrambling to finish her senior thesis, applying to grad school, writing innovative software in her spare time. Besides, she's been burned before. She refuses to let it happen again--especially with a man who seems to have trouble remembering their first disastrous encounter. But when a shocking murder throws their world--and their hearts--into chaos, discovering the truth becomes more than a matter of trust...’ A memory lapse, or is it? You have to read to discover. Very fine writing once again from Jill Blake. Grady Harp, December 16

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