Friday, October 20, 2017

Book Review: 'Liam's Bride' by Emma Alisyn

Nebraska author Emma Alisyn graduated from Western Governors University, taught high school biology and now as a green-eyed stay at home wife and mother of four she writes paranormal romance novels.

There appears to be a growing audience for paranormal romance, especially those that deal with shapeshifting, and when it comes to making such fantasy stories palpably real, Emma is up there at the top. This is Book 1 in her series ‘A Clan Conroy Bear Shifter Romance and she is off to a strong start.

Emma gives us a taste of the atmosphere she can create in the first paragraphs of her book – ‘Meredith sank to her knees, plunging her hands into moist earth. Closing eyes the same shade as the frothy carrot tops in her basket, she inhaled astringent sunshine and leafy greens. It steadied her, soothed nerves blasted raw by the call from the penitentiary earlier. “Meredith?” She pushed aside the Director’s pained voice, wet seeping through the knees of her jeans. She didn’t care. It anchored her to the present, reminding her why she hadn’t left this small town and the troubling memories it held from her childhood. Memories courtesy of the person locked up over one hundred miles away- though not anymore. Her chest squeezed. He wasn’t locked up anymore.’ So much important background shared here that will blossom into the full story gradually and with growing interest.

Emma’s synopsis gives the outline without ‘giving away’ the denouement: ‘Meredith is hiding in plain sight. With her teaching degree she serves as a gardening teacher for troubled teens, but she needs the new owner of the old YWCA building to renew her lease. Her non-profit after school program can’t fund a more expensive location. Steeling herself for a confrontation, she discovers the owner is Liam Conroy, the Alpha Bear of his Bear Shifter Den, whose father was murdered fifteen years ago…Liam doesn't know his mate is the daughter of his father's killer. All he knows is he wants the gentle, courageous beauty - and that she is an answer to a problem plaguing his Den. Only he senses she is hiding something from him, something that could threaten their fledgling matebond. When he discovers her deception, will he reject her... and their baby?’

Told with a hefty does of hot steamy erotic this story sets the pace for what is bound to be a very fine series. Climb on board for a hot adventure. Grady Harp, November 16

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