Monday, October 30, 2017

Book Review: 'Lady Pirate' by Lynsay Sands

Usually it’s men wrecking revenge on the high seas but in Lady Pirate Ms. Sands turns pirate adventures on their ear. Valoree is definitely the star attraction. She is smart, feisty, saucy and she can out cuss a sailor. The one thing that the heroine is not is a dainty lady. Due to the long length of this book, I was able to fully appreciate Valoree’s well-rounded character. There is a lot of depth, emotion and humor to discover as the story unfolds. From leading her men to attack an enemy ship, her preference for breeches and knives, and then seeing her annoyance and confusion with wearing a gown and its many parts, all painted a picture of a vibrant, fearless woman who isn’t afraid of a challenge. At least the ones she can imagine. The reality of trying to find a husband and getting pregnant in a relatively short timeline in order to obtain her birthright might just be more than this pirate bargained for.
Hilarity stems from surprising scenes regarding cake batter, fountains, the color pink, kidnapping and a romance that is as unconventional as a reader could wish. When pirates play the role of Cupid, with a peg leg and an eye patch, I expected some humor from culture shock but what I got was so much more. The author took the time to make the supporting cast come alive, have unique personalities and used them to effectively help Daniel, the bemused hero, woo their pirate captain.
Daniel’s character could have easily faded under the strength of Valoree’s presence but instead he rose to the challenge, many times. He had to because she kept him on his toes. I loved watching him be alternately entertained, amused or stunned while he reacted to all the scrapes the heroine got into. My favorite is when he got all hot and bothered, especially when he did it on purpose. That didn’t work out quite the way he intended. It didn’t go smoothly when he tried to teach the heroine about the difference between what a lady can and can’t do in society when it comes to sexual urges versus what a man can do. Valoree wasn’t overly fond of that revelation. I’m grinning while remembering that part. I think the heroine made her opinion very clear to Daniel about that. J
What totally surprised me was the real reason why Valoree kept getting attacked. Never in my wildest dreams could I have anticipated that wrinkle or where it would come from. Ms. Sands has a wonderfully devious mind.
Then there’s the marriage. I did say that the heroine was unconventional, right? You have NO idea just how much. Readers are in for a treat, and a couple of giggles.
Of course no romance would be complete without the dashing, sexy and virile hero introducing the heroine to the joys of the flesh. As always, Ms. Sands writes them so well that figurative steam rises from the book’s pages. The beach blanket scene was particularly memorable.
All in all, I’d say Ms. Sands has another winner with Lady Pirate and hopefully her fans will enjoy reading about the escapades of a very unique heroine and the man strong enough to be her partner in all ways. As big as this novel was, I read it in one day, and then later I read it again because once was not enough. I enjoyed everything about this book including the satisfying happy ever after. Lady Pirate is a must read.

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