Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Book Review: 'Irresistible SEAL Book 2' by Amanda Heartley

Oklahoma-born California author Amanda Heartley has penned and published over twenty books that fall onto that popular genre of Chick Lit: she writes heartwarming billionaire, military and sports erotic romances, featuring strong, sexy bad boys with a heart, and feisty, sensual women. This book IRRESISTIBLE SEAL is Book 2 in her best selling Navy SEAL Romances.

Amanda has a fine sense of military life as she has demonstrated in Book 1. She continues her characters’ interaction now in Chapter 1 - “Not quite a fairy tale ending, is it, Juliet?” Jason peered back at me through his thick glasses, his tie finally loosened after another long day in the trenches. Now that we both worked in the same department— even the same office—we’d been getting together after work at least twice a week to brainstorm new marketing strategies and more often than not, dish the dirt on our disastrous love lives. My troubles had one name, Luke. But Jason’s were myriad. He’d been romantically linked to no less than half-a-dozen young, virile, hot-blooded hunks since I’d known him. There was Roman, Denzel, Daniel and, of course, his latest unrequited love interest, Damien. I didn’t have a clue how he kept track of them. I rolled my eyes at his sarcastic comment. “Is that another crack on my name, Jason?” I asked, stirring my watered down margarita as we sat on the patio of our favorite happy hour bar, Mojitos. “Of course,” he drolled between sips of his receding Cosmopolitan. Jason was excessive in almost everything he did, from initiating love affairs with random pretty boys to working out for two hours every morning, to drinking endless amounts of alcohol every night. Though he seemed put together and capable at work, it turned out his personal life was a hot mess and drinking helped to ease a little of the pain he’d suffered from his own failed relationships. “What else?”

But from Afghanistan to the US Amanda lets her story begin and the synopsis she provides outlines that well – ‘After an unhappy childhood, Luke Carter joined the US Navy and has dedicated the last twelve years of his life to the SEALs. But the relentless overseas tours have taken their toll on his mind and body and now he dreams of what life might be like outside the military. Love, romance, his own space—maybe even a family he can call his own. Juliet Morgan works in the fast-paced world of finance. Beautiful, headstrong and smart, she chooses her career over love and puts all of her energy into her new job—a job she was ‘persuaded’ to take far away from her beloved Manhattan by her rich, overbearing father. She’s not looking for romance, but feels lonely and lost in her new environment so she turns to online retail therapy to lift her spirits and accidentally stumbles across a dating site where she’s awestruck by Luke Carter. The sparks flicker to a roaring flame with each sizzling message between them—then the battlefield nearly claims Luke’s life and he’s rushed home to the States. Although he’s only an hour away from Juliet, in his mind everything’s changed and his pride gets in the way of the love, passion, and happiness they both so desperately crave. Can Juliet break down the walls of this irresistible SEAL, or are they both destined to a life of loneliness?’

A very good mixture of military flavor and the distances wars create are mixed well with steamy erotica. It works well. Grady Harp, October 17
I received a free copy of this book and volunteered to review it.

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