Thursday, October 19, 2017

Book Review: 'Heart of Darkness' by Gabi Moore

Borrowing Joseph Conrad’s title actually sets a fine tone for this book by Gabi Moore, a prolific writer of adult erotic fiction. This book addresses her obsession with Bad Boys and she seems to understand them well!

Gabi alternates her storyline between Zack (the Bad Boy) and Madeleine/Maddy (a veterinary surgeon). In her prologue she sets the tension: ‘It had all started out as a joke. The base commanders were still stalling on setting up proper bank accounts for the guys, still struggling to keep morale up when the soldiers were flat broke, still trying to pass off those piece of s*** ready meals as all part of the master plan. We had been fired on twice already, and sustained losses from carelessness alone. The casual killing and destruction had already gone sour inside me, the images curdling into a strange cartoon in my mind, replaying again and again in lurid, mocking detail, and I had already gone numb, so numb that when she raised an eyebrow at me and suggested we do it, it was all just a joke at first. A dare. I knew what people said about her. I knew what soldiers like her did on down time to keep those last shreds of morale going. But you have to understand – with that much darkness every single day, even the most twisted things can start to look like light. Like relief.’ All that about Bad Boy Zack.

Gabi’s synopsis shares the outline of the story well – ‘Ex-military Zack Hunter has done things. Bad things. But he’s determined to serve out his full sentence at Blantyre Correctional Facility, do the time and clear his conscience. Nobody has ever cared about Zack’s dark past before – until now, that is. Madeleine Bright is a timid veterinary surgeon with a soft spot for sick animals and an ex-boyfriend from hell. When she signs up for a prison dating site out of curiosity, she has no idea just how much her life is about to change. Maddy and Zack’s connection is instant and electric, and they soon find themselves taking one another into exciting, shadowy places neither of them have ever explored before. But when Zack’s past threatens to catch up with them, he has to make a difficult decision: can he open his heart to Maddy completely, no matter how dark that heart is?’

What the synopsis doesn’t offer is the volume of steamy erotica that Gabi places throughout this little thriller. She has her genre down pat and the growing list of books she has produced backs up that fact. Grady Harp, November 16
This book is free on Kindle Unlimited

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