Thursday, October 5, 2017

Book Review: 'Growth Hacking' by Raymond Fong

Los Angeles author Raymond Fong began his successful career with a degree in Engineering from the prestigious Harvey Mudd College and his graduate degree in computer engineering form the University of Southern California. He has worked in the aerospace industry as a systems engineer on top-secret government projects, and after five years in Engineering, he re-directed his talent and success toward marketing and consulting where he has become a recognized expert in the digital marketing arena, his knowledge and expertise is being shared as a coach and mentor, training tens of thousands of business owners around the world on the intricacies of entrepreneurship and marketing. As evidenced by this book Raymond is an expert consultant as a growth hacker for a wide spectrum of businesses. Raymond’s co-author for this book is Chad Riddersen, a former investment banker turned growth hacker and co-founder of Deviate Labs, a growth hacking consulting agency. Chad graduated from the University of Southern California, started his career at Deloitte followed by two boutique investment banking firms focusing on internet and digital media. He has worked with a broad range of clients including Boeing, Dollar Shave Club, and a half dozen companies from ABC's show the Shark Tank. High powered resource guides for this fascinating book detailing ‘growth hacking.’

In their sophisticated introduction we read ‘Imagine growing your business without the typical growing pains— no additional staff, no increased work hours, and no more headaches. When you started out, you envisioned owning a business that spun off cash month after month without you having to work late nights and long weekends. The reality is, when you have the money, you have no time; and when you have the time, you have no money. This dollars-for-hours trade-off cycle is stuck on repeat, and you need a breakthrough in order to achieve your original vision. Our intention is to show you how to shatter the repeat cycle by reallocating your resources, time, and money in a way that will produce a phenomenal growth result. Intuitively, the most efficient way to produce a phenomenal result is to replicate someone phenomenal. The thing is, all of your peers are experiencing the same sales results that rise and fall with the economy. Therefore, you need to look beyond your peer group. The fastest-growing companies in the world are technology start-ups in silicon-monikered regions such as Silicon Valley, Silicon Beach, and Silicon Alley. You’ve probably heard the stories of twenty-somethings like Palmer Luckey who founded Oculus and sold the company less than two years later to Facebook for a BILLION dollars. From zero dollars to one BILLION dollars in under twenty-four months is unfathomable growth. Raymond and Chad are growth consultants, also known as “growth hackers,” and have worked with some of the fastest-growing companies in the world. They have deconstructed the Silicon Valley playbook and built a framework, the Automated Sales Process ™ (ASP ™), for any business to replicate and experience Silicon Valley-style growth.’

In this new realm of information Raymond and Chad are superb teachers, making what at first seems incomprehensible quite accessible. The divide the book into sections - Growth Hacking Your Mind, Establishing an Automated Sales Process (ASP ™), Attraction. First Impression, Engage & Educate, Follow-Up, Sales Technology, and Referrals & Retention.

Or to distill this summation they include such gems as ASP SUMMARY: ATTRACT thousands of interested new leads. Create a powerful FIRST IMPRESSION to set the tone for a consistent, personalized, and professional experience with your company. ENGAGE & EDUCATE your prospects so they have all the information they need to feel comfortable buying from you. Implement a seamless FOLLOW-UP process so that no business slips through the cracks and your company is always top-of-mind. Use SALES TECHNOLOGY to more efficiently close sales, upsell, and cross-sell products and services. Generate high-value REFERRALS while RETAINING existing clients.

Finally someone is breaking the glass wall around the Silicon Valley mystique. This is one elegant, valuable book. Highly recommended. Grady Harp February 17

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