Friday, October 6, 2017

Book Review: 'Green Bearets' by Amelia Jade

Author Amelia Jade concentrates her writing on shape shifters. While almost everyone by now knows about this ‘art’, for those yet unfamiliar the definition in the dictionary states, ‘ mythology, folklore and speculative fiction, shapeshifting is the ability of a being or creature to completely transform its physical form or shape. This is usually achieved through an inherent ability of a mythological creature, divine intervention, or the use of magic. The idea of shapeshifting is present in the oldest forms of totemism and shamanism, as well as the oldest extant literature and epic poems, including works such as the Epic of Gilgamesh and the Iliad, where the shapeshifting is usually induced by the act of a deity. The idea persisted through the Middle Ages, where the agency causing shapeshifting is usually a sorcerer or witch, and into the modern period. The most common form of shapeshifting myths is that of therianthropy, which is the transformation of a human being into an animal or conversely, of an animal into human form.’ Amelia has written about dragon and bear shape shifting and now she creates a new series BASE CAMP BEARS in which she inserts some parody and humor into her tale.

Amelia photographs her characters vividly – ‘He supposed that his extra bulk helped with that as well, ensuring that everything compacted beneath him to create enough for his feet to grip. At a hair over six and a half feet tall and weighing close to three hundred pounds of pure muscle, moving through uneven terrain hardly impeded his progress. Now that he was on city streets, untouched by most humans as they were in the storm, he could have been walking on water for all it mattered… He’d never been to Cloud Lake in the wintertime, at least not around the holidays, and it seemed the small human settlement took it to heart. All the windows and doors of shops he passed were decorated with lights, pictures of animals, candy canes, and more. Wreaths dotted most every door and red bows hung from the rest. Big men in red suits were everywhere, and the few people he did cross paths with were all smiles with greetings of “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Holidays.” The contagiousness of it all meant he couldn’t help but be swept up into it, his deep voice bellying a “Ho Ho Ho” for a family as their children stared up at him in awe. The three little ones squealed in delight and he heard them chattering to their parents about how they’d met Santa, and this was the best Christmas yet, but where was his red suit?‘

Then the plot unfolds – ‘Bear shifter Luther Klein had trained his entire life to become a Green Bearet, one of the elite bear shifters of his homeland. But budget cuts by politicians forced him out just as he achieved his goal. Now, jaded at his homeland’s actions, he heads out into the human world. The nearby town of Cloud Lake calls his name, where he ends up in a dingy basement bar. But everything changes when his waitress walks up to the table and sends his bear into a frenzy…Allix Rose is a nomad. A wanderer. She’s lived in over ten cities in the same number of years, never setting down roots. Life in Cloud Lake is okay, and she knows she’ll be content there for a while. Until the tall, handsome shifter with piercing green eyes sits down at her table. Then, everything changes. When a fight erupts between shifters in her bar, Allix finds herself thrown headfirst into the shifter world against her desires. Can she come to grips with her feelings for Luther and perhaps discover what it is she’s been searching for? Or will the war she’s become involved with stop their blossoming romance in its tracks?’

This is fine manipulation of the concept of bear shifting – with a bit of tongue in cheek in the title. The book reads quickly and entertains well. Grady Harp, February 17
This book is free on Kindle Unlimited.

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