Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Book Review: 'Gather The Seekers' by Vince Milam

Idaho author Vince Milam retains as much mystery about his background as he imbues in his supernatural mystery thrillers. From his resume, only the following offers a few facts: ` I live in the Intermountain West where soaring mountains and vast high deserts give a person plenty of room to think. I've lived and worked in over twenty-five countries around the globe, am a certified Wellness Coach, have a coterie of dear friends and family that provide succor and support, and have an old dog that is also a best buddy. I have an affinity for characters of all stripes, and strive to bring out the uniqueness of my literary protagonists.'

Vince states `All in all, life is a joy and I am so very lucky to be a part of this world we live in' and yet his second novel continues along the path of his series he titles The Challenged World! The question arises, `can a man so positive in this manner of approaching life grasp the darkness of evil?' The answer, fortunately for his readers, is an `absolutely Yes'. This is Book 3 of Vince’s Challenged World Series and for this reader it surpasses the successes of the first two books. Vince ‘s manner of conducting a suspense filled thriller with overtones of Spirituality is refreshing to say the least. His language grows more eloquent with each new book and his ability to retain memories of the early books of the series enhances this story – but the book is quite easily a stand alone novel, so well crafted has Vince made the plot.

The story is condensed as follows: ‘The intrepid trio of Cole, Nadine, and Francois are joined by others with the same “radar” to hone in on evil activities – all wrapped around a tale of ISIS waging jihad in America. Jude Gill is a spiritual warrior from San Francisco with tats, spiked hair, and an attitude. She is joined by Luke Sikes from Virginia, another spiritual warrior. Luke is a former NFL linebacker and brings a spiritual ferocity to the tale. These two – Jude and Luke – join Francois the French priest as a potent trio of seekers. Every spiritual warrior needs secular help. Francois is again aided by Nadine and Cole, while Jude is assisted by Jean Murphy – a retired cop. Jean holds little truck with malfeasance, having been hardened by the mean streets of Oakland. Luke’s aide-de-camp is Nick Capellas, a Department of Homeland Security agent. Nick is young, handsome (“eye candy” according to Nadine), and unsure at best of the eclectic team he has been pulled into. Jihad in America. A plot hatched at the headquarters of ISIS in Raqqa, Syria and aided by dark forces. The terror begins and Cole, Nadine, Francois, Jude, Jean, Luke, and Nick must work together to stop the ongoing killing. Toss in Zuhdi Kouri, the Homeland Security anti-terror leader. Zuhdi is a decorated Army Ranger, Nebraska Cornhusker, and Muslim. He hates ISIS with a white-hot passion. The tale also sees the return of Check, the hard-bitten CIA agent ensconced in Turkey on the Syrian border. Check teams with Nadine team to open a can on the ISIS leaders in Raqqa.'

Vince Milam at his best, as he addresses the many aspects of life on the globe at present. Grady Harp, September 16

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