Sunday, October 1, 2017

Book Review: 'Frat House Rulez' by Kayci Morgan

Chicago author Kayci Morgan earned a degree in English Literature is the background that has become the life of a writer of gay, fantasy and paranormal romances. Her books to date are RAVAGED, GAMES WE PLAY, SCOTT AND SCAMP, MARKED, FOUR OF A KIND, DARK MAGIC, DRAGOSTE ACADEMY, SEIZED BY A MERCENARY, THE EMERALD PALACE, PILLAGED and FRAT HOUSE RULEZ.

Catching the flavor of a story that is only 44 pages long is a feat and Kayci manages to grab our interest for her page one – ‘When I got home from work, I found Mama sound asleep on the couch. Ever since she’d heard my financial aid wouldn’t be enough to cover my room and board, she worked second and third shifts waiting tables, trying to make up the difference. Even with the money I was making at the car shop, I knew it wouldn’t be enough. But I kept trying, because it was so important to her and more than anything I wanted to make her proud of me. She sacrificed so much and worked so hard to raise me that my greatest wish in life was to become educated, successful and able to tell her she’d never have to work again. I just grabbed a blanket and covered her because carrying her upstairs would’ve been a waste of time. In a few hours, the alarm on her cell would wake her, and she’d head back to the restaurant. I went upstairs to my room. When I sat at my computer I saw I’d gotten a response back from Eric. He was a guy I met at summer orientation at the school I wanted to go to. We exchanged emails and had been chatting back and forth ever since. Before I left for work, I’d admitted to him something Mama still couldn’t accept—I wouldn’t be able to go to school. The money just wasn’t there. Why not rush my frat? Then you’d have a place to stay for free. I’d never considered joining a frat, but it felt like Eric was tossing me a buoy. While I didn’t know much about Greek life, I didn’t think I could become a pledge just by knowing someone in the frat. I tried not to let my hopes rise as I wrote back. Do you think you can get me in? A few minutes later, I got a response. Just talked to the President. You’ve been invited to pledge Lambda Alpha Upsilon. I fought back a scream, and then dashed down the stairs two at a time to tell Mama the good news. She’d take a day off work to celebrate with me. I’d insist on it.’

Kayci sums up this brief erotic story as follows – ‘Desperate for a place to stay while attending school, Mark pledges a frat he knows little about. Soon after his arrival on campus he starts to notice strange things about the frat he's chosen to rush. When he realizes he's pledging a gay frat Mark must decide between dropping out and possibly having to leave school, or continuing on and enduring each sexy trial his Big Brothers can come up with.’

Short, steamy, and a fun read. Grady Harp, September 17
I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book.

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