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Book Review: 'Flight of the Feathered Serpent' by Dana Alexander

Arizona author Dana Alexander graduated Summa Cum Laude from Arizona State University and spent an exacting career in Medicare policy, education and audit. But his young artist has other aspects to her life that make the reader want to somehow connect: she contributes her efforts working toward ending childhood abuse and is committed to supporting other serious writers, artists, musicians and causes that move her. She is a PRO member of Romance Writers of America

Having read A LIGHT WITHIN and becoming enthralled with the concepts of that novel and its main character Sara Forrester, it was especially rewarding to turn to the Prequel to the series – BEYOND A DARKENED SKY – a novel is built around the phrase, `What if the life you live were a façade, your dreams a true reflection of your identity, and what if those worlds collided?' and it not only served to introduce the fascinating characters and imagery she continued in her subsequent installments, but it also served as an introduction to Dana Alexander unveiling her prodigious talents. Dana has found that ground that allows people who aren't necessarily drawn to science fiction and by making her characters wholly viable and realistic she finds that tenuous path that morphs reality with unreality. The Three Keys Series is the story of two souls connected across millenniums and held together by their duty to the Alliance.

FLIGHT OF THE FEATHERED SERPENT is Book 3 in The Three Keys series and Dana summarizes it very well – ‘An old and deadly enemy. A danger reaching beyond life's boundaries. A love destined for all eternity...A silent killer sweeps humanity, consuming its life force, threatening an eternal reign of darkness. After narrowly escaping this shadowy force in the highlands of Scotland, New York psychiatrist Sara Forrester is tasked with finding the second key of life by unlocking the riddles of Mayan myth in the shrouded depths of the Yucatan jungle. As Sara and her team are plunged into a history rooted in magic and mystery, they struggle to find light in the darkest corners of the unfamiliar. At risk are the billions of lives on earth and a future Sara longs to keep with the man she bonded with before either were ever born.’

Dana opens the window to this third novel dramatically – ‘My head slammed into the wall of the ship, jolting me awake. The wooden bed I was lying on creaked in defiance at the sudden halt in movement. Rubbing the spot that took the hardest blow, I glanced to the ornate carvings on the ceiling and lowered my gaze to the only porthole. The same intricate detail encircled the window. The colors of the sky shown as a brush stroke of gray and pale orange. Land. We’d arrived on the Yucatan Peninsula. I rose from my semi-comfortable nest, straightened my clothing, and strapped my sword in place to hang at my side. Shouts of orders being given, followed by the sounds of running footsteps, fell below deck. A slight tingling sensation warmed at my left shoulder and ran the length of my arm. “I feel you,” I whispered. “Show yourself.” And he did. Cerys gazed into my eyes with so much love I couldn’t tear myself from the exchange to continue righting myself. I reached a hand toward him but felt nothing as my fingers penetrated his image. I pulled back slightly. The dream I’d awoken from so abruptly was one with detail of my bonding to the spirit standing in front of me. “Are you responsible for implanting that dream of us?” “Your dreams are memories of other experiences, other places you have been. I wanted to be there when it was returned to you.”

A very bright future is developing for author Dana Alexander – each book she writes grows in imaginative content and meaning and provides increased propulsion to this very fine series. Highly recommended. Grady Harp, November 16

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