Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Book Review: 'Falling for Hope' by Eryn LaPlant

I know this is a romance, but I’m telling you right now… Elliot is my favorite book character of the year.
Falling For Hope follows the stories of two people whose love lives up to this point have been abysmal. Neither has a good record for choosing a partner, and yet they’re both still so big-hearted and loving. Both Alexander and Lucy are adorable folks and I thoroughly enjoyed following their story. And I loved the entire group of characters we get to see — I haven’t read the other books in the series, and while it was clear I’d missed something (the other couples would casually mention how they’d met, and there were clearly some very exciting stories there) this book stands solidly as a standalone.
I did think Alexander’s story was believed too easily. Yes, I know Elaine’s story was a secret and folks couldn’t have known it easily, and apparently he resembled his father, but the Hannels are a very well-to-do family and would be an easy mark for a con man. So I did have some reservations at how quickly Elaine was willing to welcome him into the fold with no actual proof. Of course, the kids had their issues, but it was one of those things that poked at me. Also, as much as I loved Elliot (and I really, really did) he was pretty darn precocious for his age. Also, given their love life backgrounds, I was honestly surprised at how quickly our two main characters fell madly in love.
However, those concerns aside, this is ultimately a story about love, in its many forms. Above and beyond the romance between Alexander and Lucy, we get Elaine’s story (and boy, does her husband love her), the story between mother and son (Lucy and Cameron), the story between father and son (Alexander and Elliot) and so much more. It tugged the heartstrings and made me feel and that’s the sign of a really good story.

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