Friday, October 27, 2017

Book Review: 'Dirty Fighter' by Natasha Tanner and Roxy Sinclaire

Vermont author Natasha Tanner’s passion is writing - and about romance stories those antagonists are the men she hates to love and loves to hate: the Bad Boys. The BAD BOYS theme is a theme Natasha (and now with co-author Roxy Sinclaire) has developed very well. Her 'bad boys' are basically Alpha Men who take advantage of women until a strong woman matches egos and pursuits. The interchange provides plenty of opportunities for crises and resolution of same but the concept of bad boys offers an opportunity for erotic encounters with a punch, and Natasha excels in those passages. She continues to mature as a writer and her erotic imagination keeps pace. Co-author Roxy Sinclaire, who when not writing steamy, suspenseful romantic stories, works in customer relations in New York City. They make a fine writing duo.

Natasha and Roxy have set up a story with such a fine bit of pre-involvement history that by the time (and it doesn’t take long) that the two main characters Brooklyn and Adam – intercept we feel we know them. That helps an erotica novel a lot – more reason to read than just for physical stimulation.

The synopsis, as is their wont, is offered in the voices of the two characters: ‘Everyone has a dark past they would rather not dig up…Adam - I know what it’s like growing up in a house like that. I had to do some things I’m not proud for. But it was all for her. I would do anything to protect her. But then we had to go our own ways, and I ended up taking part in underground MMA (Mixed Martial Arts, for those wondering) fights to live while on the run from the cops. She’s back in town. It’s been a few years since I’ve seen Brooklyn. I want her so bad. I wonder if she feels the same, after all this time? I still haven’t told her my deadly secret… Brooklyn - Yea we were well off, but that was just for show. My dad was just another abuser. Adam was in school with me, though I thought he was a [jerk]. Boy, was I wrong about that. He was there at my lowest point but we couldn’t be together then. I’ve been living the dream working in Hollywood on the big screen. I just wish I had someone to share it with. My mom died so I had to go back to town. The same town I vowed not to ever go back. I wonder if anyone will know where Adam is now? I never got to tell him my deepest, most lethal secret.’

Those secrets are for the reader to discover – they are well sculpted into the story. Good story, hot steamy erotica, a fine examination of family abuse, and an HEA. Just what we have grown to expect from Natasha and Roxy. Grady Harp, August 16

I received an ARC for an unbiased review

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