Monday, October 23, 2017

Book Review: 'Dial and Talk Foreign at Once' by Frank Kusy

British author Frank Kusy has been writing travel guides and travel experiences for more than 30 years. Though his travel guides for Cadogan Guides (Thailand, India and Thailand and Burma) are skilled and have aided travelers for years, his love of cats documented in his novel `Ginger the Gangster Cat' and his enthusiasm for Buddhism in his book `He Ain't Heavy, He's My Buddha' his novels, memoirs, and comedy books are becoming paragons of style and wit - not only with the reading public but with the awards bestowed upon important authors, awards that include being a four time Gold Medal Winner on the Harper Collins Authonomy site, the AIA Awesome Indies Seal of Excellence, and a featured author on several promotional sites, including Indie Book Bargains and FreeBooksy. He has collected his books of his travels in a series FRANK'S TRAVEL MEMOIR SERIES. Having read and thoroughly enjoyed RUPEE MILLIONAIRES (Book 4), OFF THE BEATEN TRACK (Book 3) and TOO YOUNG TO BE OLD: FROM CLAPHAM TO KATHMNADU (Book 1) and others, this reader entered DIAL AND TALK FOREIGN AT ONCE prepared for the gifts of author Frank Kusy - his inimitable sense of creating atmosphere, his keen eyed observations of place and culture and people, and his addictive narrative style. He lives in Kingston, Kingston Upon Thames, United Kingdom and describes himself on a website, `I am a rather fat Buddhist who enjoys playing bridge with little old ladies and writing books about cats. I am also a professional travel writer. I'd like to think of myself as adventurous, but I'm not. I'm cautious. Okay, I've spent half my life traveling (mainly to India, as a businessman/travel writer) but nowadays I'm happiest either writing or sitting on my futon with my cat watching EastEnders.'

Frank sets the tone in his apt Prologue – ‘Some travel writers are born, some are made, and some stumble into it by complete accident. At the end of 1985, when my first book ‘Kevin and I in India’ was accepted for publication, I had almost reconciled myself to returning to a 9 to 5 job in Social Services. But fate had other plans for me. ‘A new publishing company, Cadogan Books, are setting up shop in London and looking for someone to write a travel guide on India,’ my agent Carolyn phoned me up to say. ‘Would you be interested?’ It was all I could do to contain my excitement and pretend to consult my diary . But all was not cut and dried. Cadogan wanted experienced writers, and I was hardly one of those. For six long days I waited for the phone to ring again. And then... When the phone rang on New Year’s Day, 1986, it was Paula. ‘Hey Frank, you just got the go ahead on that India guide,’ came the strident tones of my new gung-ho publisher. ‘Only thing is, you’ve got to cover the whole country in just 66 days. Do you think you can do it?’

So here begins the travails and trials and inimitable humor of this most recent Frank Kusy book. ‘When Frank Kusy is challenged by his publisher to research a book on India in just 66 days, he thinks it will be a breeze. How wrong he is. From the very start, it’s a rollercoaster ride of daily dramas and madcap meetings he never dreamt could come his way. And in the background, someone close is lying in wait to sabotage his best laid plans...’

Once you start reading Frank’s books and addiction to his style and wit kicks in. This is one fine little book about India, complete with photos and maps – and a fantastic writer. Grady Harp, September 16

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