Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Book Review: 'Cocky Cage Fighter Box Set' by Lane Hart

North Carolina author Lane Hart is a prolific erotica writer with a dozen steamy stories that have a committed following. Lane draws form her background - a Masters in Criminal Justice and having spent ten years working as a paralegal for a criminal defense attorney – to keep her stories gritty. Her range of topics is extensive – from paranormal to her favored martial arts and football players to cops to vampires – and in this series she manages to focus on cocky cage fighters. She is married to fellow author D.B. West.

Lane has a talent for character development, not a trait we often see in erotica writer. The three individual novels included on his set are JAX, JUDE, and LINC. If you’ve read one of these novels you know that each book, though with a different story, has some relationship to the others – at time only ins the fact that the main character is a cage fighter who must struggle with the woman in his life. The parallels between the cage and the bed are at times illuminating – changes do happen and Lane knows who to stir the pot.

After reading this set watch for the next set – so far we are up to seven books in the caged fighter theme series with another (LUKE Book 8) on the way next month. Is there repetition? Not in Lane’s hands. This is a fine series and getting them as a set makes the exposure to cage fighting as a sport (and a diversion!) both more entertaining (remember each is ‘cocky’) and satisfying. Grady Harp, March 17
This book is freon Kindle Unlimited.

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