Friday, October 27, 2017

Book Review: 'Child-biting, Chorizo and Chancing Your Arm' by David García González

British author/entrepreneur David García González is originally from Spain and moved to England where he has created one of the UK’s most successful translation and localisation businesses as CEO of GoLocalise.

In his Introduction David lays out the direction of this autobiography/self-help/business guide: ‘Life throws things at you sometimes
and, when it does, you only have three choices: you can keep your head down, run away or stand and fight. And if you are going to stand and fight (which is the only way to win), then you are going to need some pretty good protection. For me that protection includes: Being the best you can possibly be, as consistently as possible, Listening and learning from those around you who have already proved it can work, Applying the things that you learn and not just hearing them with deaf ears, Having respect for, interest in, and a desire to help other people (especially those who deserve it), and Being able to laugh about it all, even when things go wrong.’ Workable philosophy? Read this book and discover one man’s success and his insight into achieving his goals.

He divides his book into three sections – Stories (his history from Gijón, Spain to the UK), Lessons (the route to becoming bulletproof and being able to deal with whatever life throws in your path), and Words
(his fascination with linguistics – rich in humor and learning).

From this memoir we not only learn much about David and his childhood, growth and dreams, we also learn about his personal journey to move from expatriate to successful UK entrepreneur – a rather daunting task that serve as the source for the instructions he offers on how to become a successful business person and person-person. His writing is such that the book becomes entertaining and laugh out loud funny while hinting and ultimately instructing us how to become successful and survive without a bulletproof vest.

Whether reading this for pleasure or for learning, David García González’ book will likely find a very wide audience, waiting for the next installment to increase our business and life acumen. Grady Harp, August 16

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