Monday, October 2, 2017

Book Review: 'Chasing Shadows' by Erin Bedford

Nebraska author Erin Bedford is a computer programmer with a wild and delicious imagination. Relatively new on the scene she writes fantasy and paranormal romance who loves to combine her wild fantasy stories with lots of erotic overtones (and acting out!).

One reason Erin’s odd novels catch us so quickly is her complete absorption in the setting of her story, showing us her characters as though we have just met them after a too long absence. In Book 1 of the Underground series (CHASING RABBITS) we had Alice in Wonderland revisited as Kat in Underground – many of Lewis Carroll’s characters remain (albeit altered to modern concepts) and the entire story is ‘fleshed out’ with some fine steamy erotica. It is an imaginary trip well written and one that provides a great escape from the usual adult romance paranormal fantasy realm. Tasty! In Book 2 (CHASING CATS) Kat went down the rabbit hole and came out changed. Now everyone wants something from her and she is hard pressed to give in to any of them. Only the irresistibly mysterious Cheshire Cat seems to be on her side. But even he has secrets of his own. Secrets that cause him to show up beaten and bloody on her doorstep. Dancing around lost friends and determined ex-lovers will be a feat on its own. Doing it and staying sane? Impossible. In Book 3 (CHASING PRINCES) she progressed – ‘Who would you save? The Fae and human worlds are merging at a rapid pace, leaving Kat two options; crash with the rest of them or ride it out and claim her place. With both of Kat's knights out of the picture, it's up to her to face new dangers and defeat old enemies. But with Kat’s new powers still on the fritz and her most trusted companion no longer at her side, this librarian has to decide what’s worth saving and what will be sacrificed. Only one question remains: Can Kat save the Underground if she can’t even save herself?’

So now we have the long awaited Book 4 CHASING SHADOWS and we find out what happens to Kat – ‘Sometimes death is just the beginning. Just when Kat thought it was over, a cryptic message from the beyond has her right back in the thick of things. A little blood and a few words, it was supposed to be a fix all and it shouldn't have ended this way. Kat's new position as moderator will have to wait, the Shadow Realm was calling and it was time to end it for once and for all.’

Erin’s ability to breathe new life in the Lewis Carroll Underground concept is refreshing and lots of fun. So we have completed this well-spun adventure. Erin has mastered the series concept and now we wait for her next one. Grady Harp, March 17
This book is free through Kindle Unlimited

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