Sunday, October 22, 2017

Book Review: 'Book for Kids' by Anton Sunberry

Ukrainian author Anton Sunberry writes children’s picture books and transmedia projects, some of which have already been turned into TV programs, interactive applications, and an animated feature film. Of note, Anton is a supporter of children’s edutainment and a co-founder of Superkids Tips, which is a parents’ community that teaches children how to cope with challenges at home, on the streets, at school, and with friends and family. Anton’s recent project entails publishing 10 picture books on, each of which will be the beginning of a separate book series. He is a highly awarded, exceptionally creative artist.

This book, beautifully illustrated by Konstantin Fedorov and Svetlana Moroz, tells us about a little boy who loves to dream, not only at night but also through his daily routine, a trait that gained him the moniker “Sleepy’. One night he has a spectacular dream where on a magical rainbow with magical friends he awakens on the planet Dra-Dra, home of the Rainbow Dragons. A red dragon invites him to his castle (everything including the workout gym is red), and for lunch they go to the orange dragon, meet the giggling yellow dragon, the plant growing musical green dragon the artistic blue dragon, the space obsessed indigo dragon, and the violet dragon who wears a satellite. The dragons argue among themselves as to who is more important and would have gone their separate ways except for Sleepy’s need for them to join together to build a rainbow bridge. Together and content they build the rainbow bridge back to Sleepy’s little bed where he is awakened by his parents, never to sleep through the days again – because of the adventures they bring!

Delightful story, beautifully illustrated and full of ideas and lessons young children will learn and love. Highly Recommended. Grady Harp, October 17

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