Thursday, October 19, 2017

Book Review: 'The Body' by Arabella Abbing

Arabella Abbing knows her away around bad boys, athletes, billionaires, stepbrothers, and everything in between as she has aptly demonstrated in the nine steamy erotica novels she has published. For those who have yet to enter her world, THE BODY is a great starting point.

Arabella writes in the present – the atmosphere, the language, the realistic character development - all of these make her stories relatable, and while she makes us feel as though we have encountered some of her characters in life, she guides her cast through some steamy scenes that set the book on fire and yet provide HEA endings.

She sets the tone from the first paragraph – ‘Whoever said that high school was the best time of your life was totally full of it. Despite my thinking it was literally impossible for him to do so, Adam ‘The Body’ Reed seemed to have even more fun in college than he did back in high school. At least if the rumors about him sleeping his way through over half of the female population were to be believed. Thing was, I did believe them. After all, I went to high school with the guy and saw first-hand just how many of my friends and other classmates got tangled up in his web of sweet talk and his notorious ‘hit-it-and-quit-it’ attitude. Not that I didn’t understand the appeal. Adam didn’t get his nickname for nothing— he was literally the only guy at our high school with the body of a fully grown man in his teenage years. He was ripped. Washboard abs, a broad chest that could make any girl feel small in comparison, and arms that were as thick as my thighs.’

Arabella bases this novel on two important characters and ties them into her magic as follows: ‘Brianna - They called him The Body. A fitting nickname for the hottest man I'd ever laid eyes on. I spent eight years watching Adam Reed from a distance. Envious not only of the girls he chose to bed, but of the man himself. Bitterness was an unpleasant side effect of watching his easy life. Now, at our high school reunion, I've finally worked up the nerve to confront him. I’m determined to get to know him. Learn his secrets. But I never expected what I discovered. Adam - After college, I landed my dream job in professional football and escaped my past. I shouldn't have come back. Especially not for something as stupid as a reunion. But my luck seemed to turn around when I hooked up with Brianna Larson of all people. I always thought she was too smart to get mixed up with a guy like me. I can’t decide whether it’s good or bad that I was wrong. Because now she’s tangled up in the mess of my past and I can’t get her out. If I'm honest, maybe I don’t even want to. But will she run away when she learns the truth about who I really am?’

So the coupling is established and watching the manner in which Arabella plays this song is magical. Grady Harp, November 16

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