Monday, October 2, 2017

Book Review: 'Billionaire for Christmas' by Em Brown

California author Em Brown is a multi-published author of contemporary and historical erotic romance, having moved from writing policy memos and government reports to ‘naughty romances’ – a major player in the Chick Lit set.

When an author can pull off an opening as funny and intriguing as Em’s first paragraphs we know where she is headed – ‘Of all the crazy gifts Audrey Jones had ever received from her best friend— a woman who seemed to have made Audrey’s sexual salvation her own personal crusade— this took the cake. The book Charlene had given Audrey last Christmas, ‘When the Jade Stalk Meets the Red Heavenly Chambers’, a translation of the ancient Taoist handbooks on sex, had been mildly amusing. The giant purple dildo— grape scented— for her birthday had been scary. The monstrosity lay underneath Audrey’s bed, collecting more dust than the yoga mat and hand weights that lay next to it. But a gift card for an escort service? This time, Charlene had gone too far. “You have got to be kidding me, woman,” Audrey whispered sharply to Charlene when they were the only ones left in the kitchenette at the offices of Stevenson & Young, a public finance firm. Charlene Johnson gave Audrey a look as if to suggest that a gift card to an escort service was as commonplace a Christmas gift as fruitcake. “You’re going to be all alone for the holidays. You haven’t had a man in God knows how long. You might as well have some fun on your time off.” So get ready for fun and erotica.

Em’s story has been distilled on several sites – ‘Who knew a male escort could be so much fun? Audrey Jones can’t believe her best friend gave her a gift card to a male escort service for Christmas. A successful finance executive, Audrey doesn’t feel like there’s anything missing in her life. But when she finds herself alone for the holidays, she decides to take a chance and embark on a personal journey that is both unexpected and highly erotic. For billionaire Rance Durand, women have always come easily into his life, so why can’t he seem to get the time of day with the woman whose apartment unit is right next to his? When he overhears her calling the escort service, Rance decides to take their place, but he only has three days to seduce her. Rance owns a luxury boutique hotel, decides to impersonate a gigolo to seduce his workaholic neighbor. But what he thought would be a good joke turned into something he never expected. When Audrey Jones, who hasn’t had the best luck with romance, decides to have a weekend of sex with a stranger, she gets the erotic experience of her life. Neither expect to fall in love, but when Audrey is presented with a promotion that will take her across country, both of them have a big decision to make.’

Light, a bit of fluff with a hefty payoff of erotica, BILLIONAIRE FOR CHRISTMAS is not a seasonal book: it works the year round. Grady Harp, March 17

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