Thursday, September 21, 2017

Book Review: 'A Wolf's Heart' by Sarah J. Stone

Colorado author Sarah J. Stone absorbed the beauties of Aspen as a child and those perceptions of nature are evident in her books. After University, as a postgraduate, the non-writing part of her career led her to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, where she worked to prevent abuses in human rights. But when she writes she re-enters the world of fantasy and escapes with us into the realm of shape shifter tales.

Paranormal shifter romances or stories can either be formulaic, tales whose plot is altered only by the animal or shape to which the characters are shifting. Sarah takes her stories a step further and introduces her background in dealing with human rights abuses to make her novels (at least in this one) more poignant: social philosophy admixes with fantasy in a manner that the story leave much room for after thought musing.
Sarah has move away from her dragon shifters and bear shifters and returns to wolf shifter in this new series she calls WOLF MOUNTAIN PEAK of this A WOLF’S HEART is book 1. The atmosphere is set from page one – ‘The full moon cast its ample light on the small town of Shandaken, on a crisp, late April night. Hundreds upon hundreds of stars filled Monica’s view, bringing a bitter smile to her face. Until three months ago, she would have savored each and every moment of this unique spectacle. After all, the bright, New York City lights had never allowed her to see so many stars in the sky. Most of them were invisible to her. Worse than that, the noise around her apartment building would render it impossible to stand on her balcony and enjoy such a romantic setting. Sooner or later, her ears would buzz, and she would be forced to go back inside. But more importantly, living in that apartment back then, Monica Mills was not alone. She was married to Tom Riker, her high school sweetheart, and they would have been able to share all of this peace and quiet together. But now, their marriage was over. Monica had been a doctor at the New York Metropolitan Hospital and as such, she didn’t have much time for Tom. As an advertising executive, he had to travel a lot. The two of them only saw each other two or three times a month and, although Monica had believed that spending some time apart would strengthen their relationship, she was proven hopelessly wrong.’ Enter the need for change and adventure and that is served well.

A brief overview – ‘Monica was done with hectic life in New York. Leaving to practice medicine at a tiny hospital in Shandaken would surely be the change she needed. Moving into her new house, fate knocked in the form of a tall, athletic man, bleeding to death and needing a doctor. Raul was a rule breaker - constantly fighting with his pack and disobeying his alpha. With his life on the line after a battle, he crawled to the first house he saw. Socializing with humans was forbidden but he would never have guessed the girl who saved him to be the embodiment of beauty and kindness.’

Sarah is becoming the mistress of Shifting – and watch this new series bloom. Grady Harp, June 17
This book is free on Kindle Unlimited

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