Saturday, September 23, 2017

Book Review: 'A Wolf's Embrace' by Sarah J. Stone

Colorado author Sarah J. Stone absorbed the beauties of Aspen as a child and those perceptions of nature are evident in her books. After University, as a postgraduate, the non-writing part of her career led her to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, where she worked to prevent abuses in human rights. But when she writes she re-enters the world of fantasy and escapes with us into the realm of shape shifter tales.

A WOLF’S EMBRACE is Book 4 in her series WOLF MOUNTAIN PEAK and from the flavor of these novels it seems she has found an entirely fresh world for the realm of shifters. Even her opening suggests we are going to a place we have not thought about before now – “My brothers’ mates; my friends…” Monica, Kate and Julia had been bonding with Melissa, ever since they stormed into her world. After their adventures with Raul, Dean and Ray, they had also been spending time with her, providing their valuable input with issues, or simply having fun. Melissa appreciated them all for who they were. Kate and Julia’s sense of humor often lifted her spirits; and, even though Monica could bring her frustration to a whole new level by overanalyzing the tiniest of details, she couldn’t deny that the doctor from New York was a good friend, wiser and more patient than her other “sisters”, as she used to call them. Now she considered them all very close friends, people in her life because of her choice, not the choice of someone else. On a warm, early-August afternoon, Melissa and Monica decided to accompany Kate to Mount Neboh Cemetery in Glendale. She hadn’t visited her parents’ grave in a while, and meant to pay homage to them. The youngest of the Bradford’s hoped that Julia would join them as well, but, unfortunately for her, Ray’s significant other was dealing with a major change, and was still exploring her new nature, along with her mate. Of course, Melissa objected to Kate’s idea…etc’

The synopsis offers the outline of the action well – Melissa – ‘Kate, my friend, still puts flowers on the grave of parents who betrayed her. One day, Monica and I join her. Before we even enter the cemetery, I notice quite a few people arriving, some only kids. It’s a memorial service for a young woman; her husband, grieving his loss, is unlike any other human. One year since she died, and he’s not afraid of showing his heartfelt emotions. I keep wondering – can I find someone like him? Joe ‘It's been a year since I lost you, my Laura. Twelve months since the accident took you from me. I have found other distractions in life. But I still miss you: your loving arms; your soothing voice; your smile; your kiss... everything about you. My pain led to a stupid decision. Now, salvation has knocked – in the form of a gorgeous passionate blonde – but I can’t accept the risk.’

Sarah now has over 20 books before her growing public and the manner in which she addresses the concepts of shifting and paranormal subjects suggests she is going to remain a favorite. And she frosts her delights with rich steamy erotica! Grady Harp, August 17
This book is free on Kindle Unlimited.

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