Friday, September 29, 2017

Book Review: 'Who Needs a King?' by Efrat Haddi

Author Efrat Haddi, with excellent support from illustrator Abira Das, has written a fine little story about dreams and possibilities, and the clever way she tells the story makes it remarkable and memorable for children. Efrat Haddi obviously understands children (she is a mother of 3!) as well as the techniques of teaching children concepts through stories. This is a very well written and illustrated book that should become a favorite bedtime story - with a lesson.

The little bear character in the story greets the reader by sharing a hole he found under a tree – a hole that contains a cloak, a crown and a wand. He wonders if he wears them if he could become a king! He uses his new costume to try to convince a donkey that he is his king, but the donkey is unimpressed and when our new little ‘king’ tries to ride the donkey, the donkey kicks him off! He moves on to some chickens and again professes to be their king, but the chickens just peck him away. He spies Sparky the Dog and again states that he is his king, and the dog responds with a growl and chases him away. Confused by the reluctance of his ‘kingdom’ to accept him as a king, he decides to just be himself, discards the kingly costume and once again he is friends with all the ones who balked at his being a king! ‘I love my friends and I love to be me!’

A fun little story, well illustrated and with a fine lesson for children. Grady Harp, March 17

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