Sunday, September 24, 2017

Book Review: 'True Crime Stories Volume 7' by Jack Rosewood

Florida author Jack Rosewood inherited his fascination for heinous crimes from his father, a journalist covering major grim crimes such as Ted Bundy. He is fascinated with serial killers – their development psychologically, their preparation for their life of crime, and the details of how they made their bloody black marks on the world. Jack moves away from his intensive studies of serial killers to explore strange crimes most of which are discoveries for the reader – even the Jack Rosewood reader! In addition to his books on individual serial killers he has published four collections. He calls these collections TRUE CRIME STORIES: TRUE CRIME ANTHOLOGY and in this Seventh volume he shares twelve very shocking and strange crimes that have eluded the widespread press.

As usual Jack opens with an introduction explaining the decision to place these gruesome stories before us: ‘In the pages of the following book, you will read about twelve crimes known for a combination of brutality and mystery. Nearly all of these crimes have been solved, but questions remain concerning the motives of the crimes. All of these cases carry with them a certain level of sadism that will cause the average person to wince. In this volume, three notable cases of killers who tried to wage war against society are examined. The 1998 dragging death of James Byrd Jr. is explored, as well as the 1957 murder of Willie Edwards, Jr. Both were black men who were targeted due to their race. In the Edwards case, the killers believed the murder would help maintain the status quo of segregation in the south, while the killers in the Byrd murder hoped to start an epic race war. The 1993 terrorist attack on the CIA headquarters is also profiled in this book, which, although not racially motivated, was another example of the murder of innocent people, with the intent to further a cause. The epidemic of youth violence in the United States is explored in three cases. etc’
The heinous crimes included in this collection are The Tragic Murder Case of Jay Maynor, The Murder of James Byrd Junior, The 1993 CIA Headquarters Terrorist Attack, The Murder of Tara Lynn Grant, The Murder of Amber Lucius, Brian Britton’s Family Annihilation, The Westerhuis Family Annihilation, The Murder of Wayne Rodney Schneider, The Murder of Joes Amaya Guardado, The Murder of Lauri Waterman, and The Klan Hit on Willie Edwards.

Some of these crimes we know, most we do not know. Jack explains in fine detail the facts leading up to the crime and the personalities of the perpetrators. This is yet another extremely fine anthology by Jack Rosewood. Grady Harp, July 17

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