Monday, September 25, 2017

Book Review: 'Toward a Libertarian Society' by Walter Block

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Through the other end of the kaleidoscope

Walter Block is passionate about Libertarianism: his numerous books begin to feel like a surge of ‘for the cause’ manifestoes. This book is brief, with each entry topic a vignette of Block’s writings in other media. But perhaps that is the better way to introduce us to his right wing thinking – short, terse, pungent, but well written little notes that support hisconvictions of what a truly free society can be.

Discussions (or rather viewpoints) on foreign policy, economics, personal liberties (feminism, drugs, charity, medical) secession, the death penalty and term limits in politics  - all are avenues for argument. But can any of us really argue our stance if we haven’t the insight of the opposite viewpoint?

Some may view this book as ‘force feeding’, but then we all have the liberty to read and put the book away with at least a bit of enlightenment as to what makes Block’s views credible to many. Mindscaping, perhaps, but that may breed understanding of other’s points of view. Grady Harp, September 17

Note: The writer of this piece received a review copy of 'Toward a Libertarian Society.'

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