Sunday, September 24, 2017

Book Review: 'Three Brothers' by Samantha Twinn

Samantha Twinn has always enjoyed reading romances so she decided to trade in her boring office job for a career in the amazing world of books. Part editor, part writer, she's excited to embark on creating her favorite kind of naughty stories. If you like sexy heroes who know how to treat a woman and love to share, then Samantha’s ménage romances will please. She has eight books including some serial books to her credit thus far.

Samantha introduces April, he feminine lead, early on in the book – ‘Christine stares past me for a moment, then, still holding my shoulders, she turns me around so that I'm facing the door. “Them. You should be doing one of them.” Standing in the doorway are not one, not two, but three gorgeous specimens of manhood. Tall, solidly built, and blessed with perfect faces, any one of them could stop traffic. Together they are a vision to behold. Christine gives a low whistle. “They don’t make them like that in the city.” The men are dressed nicely for the party, but she’s right, they don’t look like men in the city. They’re all wearing thigh-hugging jeans, and two of them are wearing cowboy boots. Their faces are golden from the sun, and they look big and strong enough to chop down trees. “Hot, hot, and hotter,” Christine says. “Damn. I’d be calling dibs if it wasn’t for Dustin. Tell me you’ll live a little tonight? Get with one of them since I can’t.” She’s right that I’ve had my nose firmly to the grindstone for the past several months. But I’m over college guys, so it hasn’t been hard to focus on my studies. I’ll have plenty of time to date a sexy professional type after I graduate and get a job. “Actually, you owe it to your academic career, my friend,” Christine continues. “A night of wild sex would alleviate your stress and help you perform better on your exams.”The mood is set and we proceed to the story.

‘April - My life was falling apart until my three stepbrothers came to my rescue. I lost my mom, my boyfriend, and then my big city job -- all within the span of two months. I was about to lose all hope... when my stepbrothers saved me. Now I’ve been offered a new life in a small town, living with three gorgeous men who are the only family I have left. Three brothers...three sets of arms to catch me when I fall. The Nolan brothers are strong and protective -- responsible oldest brother Mitchell, fun-loving Reid, and tender-hearted Finn -- and I was wildly attracted to each of them the moment I met them. But I know they’re strictly off limits. After hitting rock bottom, is it possible to start over? With so much temptation, is it possible to resist? '

What Samantha does with this ménage is in addition to the steamy erotic she makes her story about loss, hope, and desire. She manages to make what could be simply a lusty erotic outing into a story that has deeper meanings. Grady Harp, April
I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book.

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