Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Book Review: 'Snapdragon' by Kilby Blades

California author Kilby Blades (a nom de plume) is a digital media agency executive with a passion for marketing innovative brands and a long history of moonlighting as a writer. After earning her MBA, she has juggled a busy career as a business leader with children and a handful of writing gigs to feed her addiction. An award-winning travel essayist and non-fiction book writer, Kilby has held columns on Huffington Post, and a leading entertainment blog, and has been commissioned by business leaders to ghostwrite full-length books as well as blog articles for other high profile publications. She elects to use her moniker because of her writing erotic stories while juggling the responsibilities of being a mother of children in private school – the bifurcated life simply adds to the quality of her fiction!

SNAPDRAGON is Kilby’s first serious novel and serves as the initial installment in a series she is calling ‘Love Conquers None’. Listed as ‘romantic erotica’, Kilby’s book takes us in a new (and fresh0 direction. On her website she extracts two quotes that capsulize her two main characters – a very wise manner to introduce fascinating characters. First from her fierce heroine Darby – ‘Despite all you’ve heard about biological clocks and maternal instincts, me and a whole lot of my friends don’t have them. I have a career I love that has me working just as many hours as you do, probably more. The last thing I need is to come home after a hard day to somebody who is biologically incapable of not needing his ego stroked.’ And the form her sexy male lead Michael – ‘I don’t need to start something with you to know how it will end. I’ve had enough experience with women to know that they are biologically incapable of having unattached relationships, but I’m too busy for the kind of relationship women want. And since I’m not the kind of guy that leads people on just to get what I want…I go without.’

With that tease of the characters’ personalities the synopsis provided shares the course of this erotic romance well – ‘The rules are simple: unattached companionship, toe-curling sex and a clean break whenever it ends. Darby’s groundbreaking medical research will launch her into career stardom. Michael’s status as an architectural wunderkind will send him to a far-flung locale. Either one can say the single word that will break it off: Snapdragon. But soul-deep sex is just the beginning. Michael becomes a fierce ally against her misogynist boss, a light to chase away the shadow of her notorious father, and the antidote to her crushing loneliness. Choosing love over ambition is the one thing she said she’d never do. And Darby must fight hard not to fall in love. Deeply meaningful, desperately sexual, and inevitably bittersweet, Snapdragon deals with the quandary of choosing love over career, the weight of adulthood and the complexity of modern work-life. It rewrites the book on what a 21st century relationship should look like.’

Kilby Blades writes not only with perception and a bit of toxic humor and erotica, but she also demonstrates those qualities of seasoned romance writers – just the right balance of the psychological story behind each of her characters that makes the steamy sections more explosive and sensual. She is most assuredly a new author to watch. Grady Harp, April 17

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