Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Book Review: 'Seducing the Stripper' by Lindsay Evans

Born in Jamaica, Lindsay Evans currently lives in Atlanta, GA. She has written and published eleven erotica novels to date and it seems she is well on her way to be a recognized upper echelon artist in her chosen genre.

Lindsay has a one-up on her fellow erotica writers in that she knows how to quickly develop significant personalities rather than the always ready for sex tropes that too often populate these stories. For example, when two bruised people meet in a strip club they exchange insights in quiet private conversation away from the bawdy shenanigans inside – “Alex?” He walked closer to her, looking even taller than when he’d served her and her friends at the table. “My name is actually Elijah,” he said. So close to her, he was a solemn figure in the black and white. Not the super-sexy “Jack Hammer” and not even flirtatious Alex. Just undeniably attractive and male. The planes of his square-jawed and full-lipped face were even more distractingly handsome away from the chaos of the club. “You shouldn’t have to pretend to be something you’re not,” he
continued. “Not out here by yourself, or with your friends.” “You mean I shouldn’t have to pretend like you do?” Her surprised embarrassment put the rude words on her tongue. “That’s part of my job,” he said with a flash of Alex’s grin. Then the grin fell away, leaving his face in somber lines once again. “The mask you put on doesn’t make the pain inside any easier to bear. Sometimes, it makes things more difficult.” Tess frowned and backed away even as his words struck a chord inside her. She was used to being the one in charge, being the one everyone turned to, even the men she slept with. Living up to everyone’s expectations was exhausting, especially at times when she wanted to just rest her head on the nearest surface and close her eyes. But this man, Elijah or Alex or whoever, was a stranger. She had no reason to listen to him and no reason to trust what he said.’ Thoughtful and sensitive moments like this are rare but on to the story.

‘You’re supposed to tip the stripper at your friend’s bachelorette party, not take them home. But that’s exactly what Tess does. Her life feels like it’s on pause. She’s tired of drowning in her seemingly endless sea of fears but doesn’t know how to get from under them. Most days, she doesn’t even want to think them. So sleeping with the hot young stripper at Club Bang-Cock seems like the perfect distraction. Until it becomes much more than that. Elijah is in school to become a preacher—something his parents want for him. But when he accidentally lets a secret slip, they abruptly stop paying for college during his senior year. Broke and desperate, he grabs the chance to finance his education by stripping at Club Bang-Cock, and he quickly makes peace with it. After all, he’s not working there to pick up women like most of the other guys. But a compelling woman walks into the club and changes everything he thinks about himself, and about his future.

Solid writing from a very talented lady. Watch her grow. Grady Harp, May 17
This book is free on Kindle Unlimited.

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