Saturday, September 23, 2017

Book Review: 'Rock the Cradle' by Aiden Bates

Oregon author Aiden Bates began his writing career in journalism (his degrees are in both journalism and creative writing) but his fascination/passion for writing romance erotica won him over and we are the grateful recipients of that decision. ‘ With a fun and playful outlook in his writing, he's committed to bring back quality works with a twist only he can bring to the table. In his free time he enjoys reading smut, going to Bartini and writing in the third person.’ He now has over 50 novels and short stories to his credit.

And now Aiden continues his new series THE SILVER OAK MEDICAL CENTER for which this is Book 6 – and a very fine follow-up for an exceptional series. He demonstrates a fine grasp of medical lingo and hospital atmosphere. Another aspect that makes Aiden a special author is his willingness to share the insights of his stories with his readers.

In this new edition of the series Aiden enters the realm of suspense and mystery and mayhem along with a love story and does he ever write it well! Yes, it is still a romance between a doctor and a patient but with so many twists we can only hope that there will be more in this vein.

The story – ‘A DJ becomes a hero. A doctor weathers a family tragedy. And a thin wall between them…Radio DJ Derek Brown grew up in foster care. He’s built a decent life for himself, but when he’s called on to save a terrified young girl from traffickers he doesn’t hesitate to step in, even at the risk of his own life. The young rising star has become an overnight hero. Alpha Alex Brennan is a trauma surgeon at Silver Oak Medical Center. When he checks on the patient he operated on the day before, he’s startled to find the “hero DJ” is his hated next-door neighbor. Despite their shared animosity, Alex can’t ignore Derek’s heroism. When the rescued girl takes shelter with Derek to recover, Alex finds himself drawn to the young omega even further. Working with Derek and his guest dredges up old family tragedies for Alex, and not everyone in Alex’ family is thrilled about the new people in Alex’s life. Can Alex and Derek forge their own path through family tragedy, and build a new and healthy family together? Or will their pasts keep them apart forever? Enemies become lovers in this highly erotic gay mpreg tale.’

An example of the quality of the writing – ‘The test, which he ordered with next day shipping, arrived on Wednesday. He took the test the next day. Just as he'd suspected, he was pregnant. He had no idea how to feel about this. Something inside of him blanketed him with a soft, happy joy at the news. Babies were a good thing, right? A baby would root him into someone's life. A baby would make the world a warmer place. And he could be honest with himself, when there wasn't anyone but the walls of his mind to hear. He didn't mind kids. He could just imagine himself with a little baby to cuddle and hold. He liked the idea of taking a little kid to the park. He could see himself pushing a baby on a swing so easily, it was almost real for him. That image crashed to the ground when he remembered who and what he was. The cuddling would be great, sure. Who would cuddle the baby when Derek was at work? Day care didn't exactly accommodate an afternoon drive shift, never mind a late-night shift on top of that. Derek made decent money, but he did that by working three jobs. He couldn't work three jobs as a single parent with no family. It just wasn't feasible. And how would Alex react to the news that he is now a father? ‘

Aiden Bates remains on top. His books just get better and better. Highly recommended. Grady Harp, August 17

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