Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Book Review: 'Pillaged' by Kayci Morgan

Chicago author Kayci Morgan earned a degree in English Literature is the background that has become the life of a writer of gay, fantasy and paranormal romances. PILLAGED is Book 1 of her series LOVE UNLEASHED of which there are three books to date.

Catching the flavor of a story that is only 36 pages long is a feat and Kayi manages to gab our interest for her page one – ‘The sun had just set on my small village when my mother began to worry. "Wade, where's your sister?" she asked. "Alegria went fishing this morning, but I haven't seen her since." "Go look for her." I slung my bow over my shoulder and went in search of my sister. I checked the village in case she'd come back, but just hadn't come home. Twelve wooden cabins sat in a clearing deep in the forest, each with its own small garden. In the center sat the largest cabin where people of the village met to socialize and trade with one another. No one had seen my sister, so I went to check her favorite fishing spot. When I reached the river I came across my sister's bow, broken in half. Nearby was her quiver, arrows strewn across the river bank. Her fishing rod was wedged against a rock down the river. Two sets of heavy footed tracks had walked into the forest, probably carrying my then unconscious sister. From the shape of their boots I could tell they were Northerns. Men with no trade or skill. At their best they were conquers, at their worst they stole and looted to survive. My hand tightened around my bow. Marauders had come this far east and had grabbed my sister like she was some sort of animal. I would track them down and show them who the animal was.’

Kayci sums up this brief erotic story as follows – ‘When a young hunter finds his sister has been kidnapped by marauders, he heads out to rescue her only to get captured himself. Tormented and toyed with by a group of sexual sadists, how will a young man hold on to his sanity long enough to escape?’

Short, steamy, and a fun read. Grady Harp, August 17
I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book.

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