Friday, September 22, 2017

Book Review: 'One Big Family' by Aiden Bates

Oregon author Aiden Bates began his writing career in journalism (his degree is in both journalism and creative writing) but his fascination/passion for writing romance erotica won him over and we are the grateful recipients of that decision. ‘ With a fun and playful outlook in his writing, he's committed to bring back quality works with a twist only he can bring to the table. In his free time he enjoys reading smut, going to Bartini and writing in the third person.’ He now has close to 50 novels and short stories to his credit.

By this time readers usually do not need to have terminology of the erotic genre explained, but if some clarification helps any new reader to Aiden’s story a quick explanation of terms is offered: Mpreg = Male Pregnancy and refers to stories featuring a male character capable of conceiving and/or carrying a child within their own body. The impregnator is the Alpha male and the receptor of the impregnation is the Omega male.

Aiden take this concept and handles it superbly. The story is complex, in a good way, but Aiden manages to outline it as follows: ‘Psychologist Bastian Byers is fascinated by the people who live in Stellar Landing, a small Alaskan coastal wilderness. Refusing to accept that there is anything missing in his own life, Bastian focuses on the lives and stories of the people around him. But when, he encounters nature photographer, Zachary Kelso, Bastian begins to long for something more. After a snowstorm traps them in, Bastian and Zachary grow closer--unable to resist their desire any longer. But when Zachary faces an injury, Bastian learns that he'd do anything to save and protect the sexy and sensitive omega. The two men forage a path of love and family as they discover the true meaning of forever. But will their happily-ever-after be enough to include one big family? The two men learn that their stories start with each other. One man looks for the answer behind the lens of a camera, while the other searches in the lives of those he meets. But when they get together, they find exactly what they've been looking for all along. After one man discovers he's pregnant, they both realize that family starts and ends with love.’

With this new series HOT ALASKA NIGHTS of which this is Book 1 Aiden continues to impress us with his sensitivity to interpersonal, yes – family, relationships. This is one solid novel that promises a very fine new series. Grady Harp, June 17

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