Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Book Review: 'Mr. Fixit' by Lauren Landish

North Carolina author Lauren Landish is a 30-something bestselling writer of worlds of rock hard abs, chiseled smiles, and men with deep, fat pockets. She has penned over 40 books that top the chick lit the charts and have garnered a legion of praise from her readers.

Lauren terms MR. FIXIT a sexy romantic comedy and adding comedy to chick lit erotica is refreshing in her hands. That flavor is obvious in the tone she sets in the Prologue – ‘“You sure about this?” Nathan asks me in his distinct Bronx accent as the muted sounds of the club preparing to open surround us. In the six months I’ve worked here at Club Jasmine, he’s been my boss, a mentor of sorts, and an ear to bend when I need it. He’s crude and he’s foul-mouthed, but he’s honest. “I’m sure,” I reply, tugging at the collar on my work outfit. Tonight is supposed to be ‘upscale night’, which for the patrons means suits and dresses that hit at least the mid-thigh, and if you have a collar, you’d better be rocking a tie. For me and the rest of the staff, it means a tailored blouse that highlights what breasts I do have, although since it buttons up most of the way to my neck, I can get a little bit extra out of my Wonderbra. “It’s time for me to move on.” Nathan sips his drink, a horrible neon blue concoction called a Little Mermaid that he can’t get enough of. To me, it smells too much like fake fruity wannabe tropical stuff, and I’ve had the real thing. There’s no substitution. “I can respect that,” he says after a moment. “We all knew this was just a temporary gig until you figured out what you wanted to do. I didn’t expect you to change your mind and make a career here.” I laugh, nodding. “You’re right, but it was fun while it lasted.” “We’re going to miss you around here. You’re popular with the customers. You’ve got a natural charm about you,” Nathan admits.’

The back and forth interplay between the two main characters makes the story sparkle - ‘He's good with more than just his hands. I’ve known Caleb Strong for over a year. We have a special kind of friendship— we make crude comments, double entendres, and tease each other mercilessly. But we’ve never crossed that line. We’re just friends. Until we start working together to renovate my childhood home. Seeing him shirtless working out in the sun is making me want something more. The way his corded forearms twist every screw, the way his biceps flex as he swings his hammer... I want to feel what that brute strength can do to me. I know once we cross that line, there’s no turning back. But I won’t deny it anymore, I want him to make a move. I have needs, and he’s got the tool for the job. We can still be friends after, right? It’ll just be casual. Until it isn’t…‘

Fun, entertaining and smoking hot, the story may be short but it is pungent. Grady Harp, September 17

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