Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Book Review: 'Jobs for Robots' by Jason Schenker

Texas author Jason Schenker is the world’s top ranked financial market Futurist: Bloomberg News ranked him one of the most accurate forecasters in the world in 35 different categories since 2011, including #1 in the world in 20 categories for his forecasts of the Euro, the Pound, the Swiss Franc, crude oil prices, natural gas prices, gold prices, industrial metals prices, agricultural commodity prices, and non-farm payrolls. To date his books include COMMODITY PRICES 101, RECESSION-PROOF, ELECTING RECESSION, and now JOBS FOR ROBOTS. In addition to his books and speaking engagements Jason is a Columnist for Bloomberg View and Bloomberg Prophets. He is the founder of Prestige Economics. His degrees include a Master’s in Applied Economics from UNC Greensboro, a Master’s in Negotiation from CSU Dominguez Hills, a Master’s in German from UNC Chapel Hill, and a Bachelor’s with distinction in History and German from The University of Virginia. He also holds a Graduate Certificate in FinTech from MIT, a Graduate Certificate in Supply Chain Management from MIT, a Graduate Certificate in Professional Development from UNC, and a Graduate Certificate in Negotiation from Harvard Law School. Jason holds the professional designations CMT® (Chartered Market Technician), CVA® (Certified Valuation Analyst), ERP® (Energy Risk Professional), and CFP® (Certified Financial Planner). The man comes to this book well informed!

Jason addresses this approach/avoidance conflict about the future as influenced by robots in a relaxed, humorous, yet very insightful manner. ‘Books, articles, and television segments on automation, robotics, universal basic income, and the future of work are coming to dominate the Zeitgeist — the spirit of our time. People are becoming increasingly aware that automation and robots are going to be important — and unavoidable — parts of their working and non-working lives.’ ‘At one end of the spectrum is the vision of Robocalypse: an apocalyptic future explicitly caused by robots, automation, and artificial intelligence. At the other end of the spectrum, is the vision of Robotopia: a heaven-on-earth future world of leisure, where all work is done for us by the machines.’ And it is this dichotomy of thought that makes this book an imperative read for those concerned about AI and robots replacing ‘us’. ‘Smartphones are store fronts in your hand, and e-commerce has created a world of in-hand retail that is likely to accelerate. The self-service movement is real, and only highly customized, automated workers can get our supply chain there. – The free your time, movement, need for entitlement reform, the folly of Universal Basic Income, In-hand classroom and Labor market.’ ‘Everyone is talking about robots. But no one is talking about the most important issues that will determine whether robots will make our lives better or worse: entitlement reform, bridging the education gap, and applying an informed historical perspective to future challenges.’

In this fascinating and important study Jason carefully examines The Past of Work (history), The Present of Work, Robocalypse: Downside for the Future of Work, Robotopia: Upside for the Future of Work, Unreformed Entitlements Incentivize Automation, Problems with Universal Basic Income, The Future of Education, Robot-Proof Your Career - each section accompanied by charts and graphs and photographs and other illustrations that add to our overall understand of Jason’s careful research and mindset about our bifurcated thoughts about the eventual influence of robots.

This book is grand reading – one that you will want to refer to often as we alter or world with IT! And as an added incentive to curious readers the book also includes a compelling discussion about the future of work, roboadvising, FinTech, and universal basic income. Grady Harp, September 17

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