Sunday, September 24, 2017

Book Review: 'Jasih' by Ashley L. Hunt

Colorado author Ashley L Hunt earned her degree in Philosophy at The University of Colorado. She lives in Denver where she creates stories with heroes with great strengths, physical and mental, and pairs them with strong heroines who test their limits, in the end finding deep, passionate love.
Science fiction is an acquired taste – and that taste seems to have infused the entire globe as books and television shows and games and movies all fight for top place in this genre. Ashley has her hand solidly in this realm, having published four series of books that deal with aliens peppered with erotica. She continues her series – ALBATERRA MATES – and now opens a new series of paranormal sci-fi romances which she calls ALIEN MATES of this JASIH is Book 2.

Ashley knows how to launch a series about life on another planet that includes a visit from an earthborn creature whose presence creates the change in atmosphere the new planet poses (the new planet is Yaerus). She opens the stage for her main characters with some preparatory background so that when the new soon to be lovers meet we are aware of what they bring to the encounter. In her Prologue she sets the tone – ‘“Trust me. We can have something to eat later. Now you have to follow me.” He didn’t seem to understand, but I didn’t want him to understand. Right now, I just wanted to get as far away as possible from that girl, and Jessie, and anyone. Honestly, I didn’t think I wanted to climb all these stairs just for Jay anymore. The way up seemed endless and sometime later, I could almost hear Jay’s disapproval. Well, he didn’t say anything but it was the way he breathed in and out and his attitude. It was like he was expecting me to go faster, or he even sometimes stretched his hand to help me. We stopped a couple floors before reaching the roof, taking a short break to catch our breath— well, so that I could catch my breath— when Jay started talking. “I thought you were upset earlier. Did something happen down there?” He still talked a bit loud, probably his ears were buzzing from the loud music. “No! I just want to get up there and show you something. That’s all!” “You don’t seem okay with it. It’s like you don’t want to be up here,” he suddenly said. “I do want to be here more that I want to be down there with that girl that tried to seduce you!” The words left my mouth before I had the time to stop. For a moment there, I hoped he hadn’t heard me, or he hadn’t understood what I said, but then he went on and said it.'

In short the plot goes as follows – ‘If he weren't there, I would be Alone and Dead. 2.514 A.D. Earth has been long abandoned, and humans have colonized the far edges of the galaxy. Yaerus, the new home planet, is the center of knowledge and diplomatic influence in the Known Galaxy. Humanity has entered a new age of space growth, and a great part of that progress is owed to the Chroniclers. Eladia, a beautiful, courageous Chronicler, bound to solve the Great Mystery, lands on Primordial Earth as Silver, her artificial intelligence robot, has received some strange leads she has to follow. There, she will meet Jasih, and her life will change forever. Jasih, a handsome and genuine alpha alien who crashed on the planet known as Earth years ago. He has lost his memory, and though he is unaware of it, he seems to shift to a darker self in the least expected times. And when he does, adrenaline takes him over making him cruel and seriously dangerous for everyone, able to act based only on his survival instincts. When these two opposite personalities come face to face, they will both turn each other's life upside down. They will have to cooperate to solve the Great Mystery, and though none of them knows what they are looking for, they will put the puzzle together, piece by piece, sooner than they expect. However, there are those who have different plans, and they will try to keep Eladia and Jasih from completing their quest by all means available. Will Eladia and Jasih solve the Great Mystery after all, or will they die trying?’

Another planet and another setting for a rich series of Sci-Fi paranormal eroticism. A fine continuation for the new series. Grady Harp, August 17

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