Thursday, September 7, 2017

Book Review: 'The Habit Architect' by Caro Angell

Author Caro Angell is both a Holistic Lifestyle Coach and writer who is committed to sharing her own experiences of having bad habits accumulate over time, holding her back from achieving success, health, happiness and freedom. Caro first readjusted her lifestyle choices in order to achieve the goals that had always been just out of reach. Now she offers those successful principles with us to help us achieve our goals and reach the levels of success we deserve.

As she states in her Introduction, ‘This isn’t so much a textbook, it’s more of a life book. My hopes are that the words will bring you inspiration, understanding and motivation to develop the willpower and insight you need to achieve your goals and reach your desired potential. This book is titled The Habit Architect, because its aim is to allow you to plan, conceptualize, envision and construct the life goals you strive for, one habit at a time. Through this book you will find information about: What a habit is and how they form, Analyzing why you want to change, Performing conscious, consistent actions, Conquering a bad habit, and Suggested goo habits for highest success.’

Caro relates each suggestion with a reference to her own experiences – a factor that makes us identify with her and thus believe we can achieve what she is suggesting. She divides her subject matter into the following chapters – Your Habits, Your Journey, Analyzing a Habit, Setting the Reminder, Time for Action, Design the Reward, Bad Habit Management, and Taming Tricky Habits – each chapter is well organized and delivers the desired message.

A solid little book that is much needed by each of us. Recommended. Grady Harp, June 17

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