Saturday, September 16, 2017

Book Review: 'Galadria' by Miguel Lopez de Leon

Los Angeles movie star handsome author Miguel Lopez de Leon entered the published literary scene with his GALADRIA TRILOGY, of which this is, sadly, the final Book 3– a book with the fantasy flavor written with polished prose that will satisfy the young adult and middle grade audience to which it is directed. Miguel is a prolific writer of short stories and has won awards for his sophisticated work. Of note Miguel is also a model for such companies as Diesel and the Italian ‘Bergamo.’ He is also involved with real estate, financial investing, and international philanthropic work. In addition to his four published novels Miguel’s prize winning short stories have been published in The Shine Journal, The Oddville Press Magazine, The Cynic Magazine, Fantastic Horror Magazine, The Absent Willow Review, Hungur Magazine, Illumen Digest, Sounds of the Night Magazine, Niteblade Magazine, The Solid Gold Anthology- UK (Published by Gold Dust Magazine), The Cover of Darkness Anthology, as well as seven separate paperback anthologies by Pill Hill Press.

In GALADRIA Book 1 Miguel introduced Peter Huddleston, and for those who have yet to read the opening portion of the trilogy, Peter deserves re-introduction – ‘I guess you could say that Peter Huddleston was a peculiar boy. That’s what almost everyone he knew said of him. His teachers at school, his parents, everyone. But of course, they really knew nothing... nothing of the amazing future this strange boy would have... nothing of the greatness within him….’ And neither did Peter.’

Having completed the trilogy it is with sincere satisfaction to recommend reading the entire trilogy. It is not often that a trilogy merits continuation to the final page, but that is most certainly not the case with this fine closing book of the project. We know Peter Huddleston and have lived through his flights. In Book Three of the Galadria fantasy trilogy, ‘Join Peter and his family as they journey into the very heart of Galadria! All seems lost, before Peter and his grandfather must travel to the Galadrian forests, and seek help from the mysterious and elusive Knights of the Leaf! Peter's quest is filled with serpent priestesses, brave knights, a barrage of magical weapons, a clan of paper-thin warriors, a royal family of political fairies, and a host of other astonishing Galadrian creatures! Peter and his family must make hard choices, and sacrifice everything for their beloved golden realm! The finale in the Galadria series is chock-full of magic, sweets, battle, hope, death, revelation, and above all, courage!’

Satisfying on every level and most assuredly the mark of an important new author in American young adult literature. It will doubtless be a pleasure to see what books he writes next! Grady Harp, June 17

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