Sunday, September 24, 2017

Book Review: 'Family Law' by Aiden Bates

Oregon author Aiden Bates began his writing career in journalism (his degrees are in both journalism and creative writing) but his fascination/passion for writing romance erotica won him over and we are the grateful recipients of that decision. ‘ With a fun and playful outlook in his writing, he's committed to bring back quality works with a twist only he can bring to the table. In his free time he enjoys reading smut, going to Bartini and writing in the third person.’ He now has over 50 novels and short stories to his credit.

And now Aiden continues his new series THE SILVER OAK MEDICAL CENTER for which this is Book 3 – and a very fine follow-up for an exceptional series. He demonstrates a fine grasp of medical lingo and hospital atmosphere. Another aspect that makes Aiden a special author is his willingness to share the insights of his stories with his readers. In a casually delivered manner he remarks about FAMILY LAW – The real theme of FAMILY LAW is how families grow and change over time. The Salinas brothers are tight knit and support each other, but as the needs of those brothers start to change that support changes too. Jason, as he becomes part of Jason's life, has to adapt to a new and different family dynamic and it's not necessarily one he was prepared for. He knew the Salinas brothers when he was a teenager, but they're all grown men now and Luke is a father. Is Jason ready to become a stepparent, or is that not a challenge he can handle?’

The synopsis of the plot readies the reader for the integrated story ahead – ‘Reunited and it feels better than good...It was a long time ago, but Luke will never forget Jason Delancey and their first kiss under the bleachers of football practice. Now, twenty years later, he has a lot more to focus on than the one man who got away. Divorced with a seven-year-old son and a vicious lawsuit against the Silver Oak Medical Center to deal with, Luke has no time for reminiscent feelings of the past. When Jason walks back into his life as the attorney on the case, all of those old emotions and desires come tumbling forth. But when Luke's overprotective brothers try to get in the way of a reunion between the long-lost lovers, it's up to Jason and Luke to fight for what they couldn't have so long ago. And the fight is harder than they ever imagined as they go up against Luke's family and a lawsuit that's determined to destroy them. With their future family on the line, can these two finally overcome family law and retrieve the love they were destined to find?

Aiden has that ability to make a new relationship fun, keep it realistic, and then manages to toss some hurdles in the way to show how most anything cannot overcome real love. Another solid winner for Aiden Bates, Grady Harp, May 17

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