Saturday, September 23, 2017

Book Review: 'Emerald City Shifters' by Aria Chase

Author Aria Chase made her publishing debut with BEARLY BREATHIING and from the subtitle she planned a series she calls EMERALD CITY SHIFTERS, now in bundle format including BEARLY BREATHING, POLAR BOND, and THE BEAR’S SECRET BABY. Aria writes steamy paranormal romances and her books are brief but sound and pungent.

Aria understands nature (both physical atmosphere of the seasons and the electricity of her romances), and in the Book 1 of the bundles she demonstrates that clearly: ‘The snow had definitely gotten heavier in the last hour. Breanna Dawson knew that driving up to Canada in December would mean traversing through snowy mountains, but for a girl who had lived her entire life in southern California, the journey was a bit more challenging than she had imagined it would be. At first, it had been an enchanting experience. She had even pulled over at rest stop and gotten out of her little green hatchback to spin around in circles, catching snowflakes on her tongue. It was kind of silly, considering she had been on skiing vacations with her parents to such idyllic places as Vail, Colorado and the Matterhorn in Switzerland. Still, there was something touching and innocent about driving through a snowfall during her reckless flight from her fiancĂ©.’

This sort of scene setting is stage worthy and makes her shifter romances credible. Each of the three books in this bundle is tightly written, full of fantasy, rich in insight into the concept of shape shifting, and fully of steamy erotica. If you haven’t tasted Aria’s magic then this is a fine first course. Grady Harp, September 17
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