Thursday, September 7, 2017

Book Review: 'Deadly Seduction' by Roxy Sinclaire

New York author Roxy Sinclaire works in customer relations in New York City but her passion is writing – and about romance stories whose ‘antagonists’ are the men she hates to love, and loves to hate: the Bad Boys. And now she moves in deeper with an installment in her Romantic Secret Agents series. Roxy writes with a swift pen, not wasting the reader’s time with excess storyline or profound character development. She knows the tropes she molds into her erotica situations and lets the storyline fly from there, bad boys – or bad girls (interchangeable is some ways) are the subjects of this novel. The series thus far is LETHAL SEDUCTION, DEADLY SEDUCTION, and soon to come TOXIC SEDUCTION. They are well titled!

Roxy can even make a synopsis seductive: “She never saw anything like it before. She was amazed, and a bit turned on.” Mickey was the new next door neighbor. He was secretly a CIA agent, but couldn’t give away his profession to the woman he had to seduce as part of his mission. She just happened to be the general’s daughter. Laurie takes a liking to him, and thinks he’s just great. Except for the fact that he keeps asking about her stoner of a roommate, who was her brother. This leaves her puzzled and makes her question if something else is going. Her brother was Mickey’s target. He needed to find out if classified information was being handed over to the Russians. Mickey needs to find out if Laurie is part of the problem or just plain innocent whose life may be in danger. The only way to do so is to deceive her into thinking he wants her. But what happens when Mickey actually does fall for her? Will he be able to continue through with the mission? Is Laurie really a traitor? What happens when the Russians do show up and it’s a question of life or death?.’

Roxy places us in the mindset of her characters immediately in the opening paragraphs - Laurie didn’t mind having the responsibility. She was the older sibling, and she only had the one brother. Still, with everything else she had going on, interfering in a family spat was the last thing she wanted to do. She hated conflict, and more than that, she hated getting caught in the middle when it had to do with her family. Still, she had to keep her brother safe, didn’t she? No matter how annoying it was. No matter how annoying he was. Still, if she could, she would have gladly dropped the responsibility on someone else's shoulders. But they didn’t have other relatives that would take him in, and he didn’t have any money of his own. He didn’t have a job, and she was pretty sure he'd cut off his education at high school if he even managed to graduate. No one ever told her for sure. Even though a strong feeling of guilt swamped her every time, she still thought about sending him away. He had come to her seeking help. She could count how many times he'd done that and have several fingers left, it was so rare. But she couldn’t exactly help how she felt, either. She had her life on track, finally.

Roxy’s books are always dependably fine reads – plot, characters and a generous sprinkling of erotic. She remains in the upper echelon of her genre writers. Grady Harp, July 17
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