Monday, September 4, 2017

Book Review: 'Daisy in Chains' by Sharon Bolton

Barring such unforeseen developments as the introduction of exculpatory evidence, thirty-eight year old surgeon Dr. Hamish Wolfe will be locked up for life. He was convicted of murdering three women whom he allegedly lured to their deaths. The physically fit outdoorsman knows how to navigate the underground caves where Jessie Tout, Chloe Wood, and Myrtle Reid's remains were discovered. Wolfe, who maintains his innocence, receives countless letters from adoring women who fantasize that someday they will have a relationship with the handsome inmate.

There is one person, however, whom Wolfe wants on his side more than any other. Her name is Maggie Rose, a blue-haired defense barrister (she dyes her hair a bright color that startles all who meet her). Rose is a celebrity who has written bestselling books and is notorious for freeing convicted killers. Some insist that Rose's cleverness, not the merits of their cases, allowed these men to be released. Maggie, who is single and a bit of a recluse, has an agenda and sticks to it, in spite of harsh criticism from her detractors. Will she take on Hamish Wolfe as her latest client? One of the book’s central figures is Detective Sergeant Pete Weston; he is determined to dissuade Maggie from becoming Hamish’s advocate.

Sharon Bolton has outdone herself with "Daisy in Chains," a suspenseful, intricately plotted, and riveting novel of psychological suspense. The author delves into Wolfe's murky past and takes us inside the dangerous world of violent offenders. There are plenty of hints along the way that all is not as it seems, and the finale brings everything to a head in an unusually interesting and fitting manner. Making this police procedural all the more impressive, Bolton touches on a number of provocative and timely issues--society’s intolerance for overweight females; the maddening loopholes in Britain's law enforcement system; the platform that social media provides for "nutters and misfits"; and the lengths to which desperate individuals will go to turn the tables on their tormentors. Fans of British thrillers will not want to miss this well-crafted, dark, and chilling tale.

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