Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Book Review: 'Colorado Connection' by Sara York

Sara York is a creative writer – one who can ‘shift’ from her popular paranormal romances of shifters as well as gay cowboy romances and who knows where else. She penned a very popular series – the Colorado Heart Series – that totaled eight books, each book is stand alone, but the characters migrate through the series so that reading the entire group is the way to go.

So now we back up to Book 6 of her series that takes place on the Wild Bluff Ranch in Colorado is aptly titled COLORADO CONNECTION (the title will be understood within the first few chapters of the book. And if you’ve followed the series, many of the characters are well known to you.
Sara opens her book with the war in the Middle East and the effects that has on the men of her ranch. As with all of Sara’s books she offers a synopsis that goes right to the core of the story without spoilers – ‘‘Matthew ‘Tex’ Miller has no choice but to work with Jordon ‘Jazz’ Bergeron when they’re assigned to the same unit, but he doesn’t have to like it. Jazz gets under his skin in all the wrong ways until one night when Jazz begs Tex for a kiss and everything changes. Matthew won’t be played, but he won’t ignore a hot body when one is offered up. What started off as lust and revenge turns into molten passion, igniting a burning hot fire. Jazz and Tex’s unit is called out to patrol the city, but disaster strikes, killing some on their team and leaving Matthew without Jazz. Matthew begins questioning authority and is assigned to a new team, one that focuses on extracting hostages from war zones. On Matthew’s first extraction he finds someone who will change his life forever. Jazz has lost more then a leg and he’s drifting. He can’t stand the thought of Matthew seeing him so broken, but he can’t let go of the beautiful man from Texas who stole his heart. When Matthew is offered a place at Wild Bluff, he’s given a chance to find Jazz. But will Jazz take a leap of faith and join Matthew on the ranch or retreat further into himself.’

Enough interesting men to capture our attention, it is what Kim does with their interrelationships that makes her book a winner. But the Wild Bluff Ranch is also a very central character – From previous books we learned, ‘When people approached Wild Bluff to do a job, they insisted on a certain level of confidentiality. Money never changed hands directly, and any communication was done through secure means.’

And yes, Sara’s book is steamy erotica, but she makes a point of covering the spectrum of sexual attraction and acting out: bi-curious, bi-sexual, gay – it is all here and served up well. This is a fine addition to a series of sexy cowboys on a mission. Grady Harp, August 17
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