Monday, September 25, 2017

Book Review: 'Children of Eden' by Martin Hinde

'We have been created such that our Spiritual Being has been bonded, or enslaved to, a physical Primate form. This is the crux of the human condition.’
British author Martin Hinde has published two books that address not only our beginnings but also our future – JOURNEY TO ENLIGHTENMENT and CHILDREN OF EDEN. His thoughts and development of his philosophy have their roots from his early years - he grew up as the only child of itinerant parents stationed at various outposts of the British Empire. Living amongst different peoples and cultures from an early age produced the sense of being a citizen sans frontiers: a global citizen - a citizen of Humanity. Through a series of 'chance' encounters with strangers, he embraced Eastern spiritual Enlightenment. ‘As one of very few individuals in the West who has achieved the status of a Yogic Siddha, Martin has been given access to knowledge of the deepest - and sometimes darkest - secrets and challenges facing modern citizens of Humanity; challenges which threaten our very existence. Martin's work is a rallying cry to his readers - and collectively to Humanity - to awaken, confront and eliminate the forces of Darkness that are preventing us from becoming us who we really are.’

Martin awakens his reader in his Introduction – ‘Science is the religion which tells us the Earth is a globe – ignoring the evidence that landmarks can be seen by the naked eye that would be impossible to see if the Earth had the curvature that science ‘tells us’ it has; things that, by using its own formulas, should be thousands of meters below the other side of the horizon. This not to argue the Earth is flat, only to say they that the model science presents us with is not the truth, and there seems to be a conspiracy of silence among the high priests of science to explain away such anomalies. The story that unfolds inside these pages begins at the beginning – at the beginning of all human life on this planet. Examining the best archaeological evidence available, the story it pieces together and tells is both mind-boggling and chilling. Are we really the product of a series of genetic engineering experiments carried out by an advanced alien civilisation from within our own Solar system? Unbelievably, the evidence suggests we might very well be. If this is true, then the history of our species is a history of a hybrid slave-species being ruled over by elites installed to implement the will of our off-planet, interdimensional custodial masters… And what I discovered is that there is still extant, to this day, a lineage of this knowledge that holds the essence of uncorrupted knowledge, passed by the architect ‘god’ of the human species, to the original human members of the Brotherhood. It’s the secret knowledge and technology to free the Spiritual Being of every human being on the planet from the birth-death cycle of bondage to 3rd. density physical forms, our human hominid forms. This is knowledge so profound, so powerful, that it has been co-opted and jealously guarded by elites and high priests from times of the Pharaohs and the Egyptian Mystery Schools, up until the present day.’
And it is this sort of research and introspection that brings the beauties and challenges of this book to us.

The synopsis addresses the purpose – ‘ Starting at the beginning – the creation story of Adam and Eve – the author traces the true origins of humankind using the best available evidence. This leads to the startling revelation that humankind may have originated as hominid Primates who have been genetically-modified by a higher civilization in our own Solar system. Created as hybrid Spiritual Beings bonded to physical Primate forms – this is the crux of the situation facing humankind. But there is a way out. Martin follows the path of some secret knowledge that was handed to a few from the creators of humankind: Knowledge that has been hoarded by elites and priesthood class, from the time of the Pharaohs and the’ Mystery Schools’, up to the present day. This is the knowledge that empowers humanity to break the chains of physical bondage, and allow our Spiritual Beings to rise to their auspicious place in the Cosmos. This book shows us a way out of the quagmire – that is our lives and our planet today – to a future where we can reconnect with our (true) higher Self; take back control of our lives, our governments, our environment; and leads us to the Return of Eden.’

In three section Martin discusses GENESIS (Genesis, Prison Planet, Body & Spirit), ENLIGHTENMENT (Gnosticism, Vedic Tradition, Yoga & Shaktipat, Preparing for Enlightenment, Completeness) and CHILDREN OF EDEN (The Return of Eden, The Age of Aquarius). And the power of this book he shares in his conclusions: ‘The Age of Aquarius comes at a time when the World desperately needs careful ‘holistic’ social and infrastructure planning, that can only be successful if its leadership, planners and implementers are acting from the higher frequencies of the heart-chakra, and are grounded in direct experience of ‘oneness’. Any dualistic notions that it is possible for one individual or group to gain advantage in this situation at the expense of another individuals or group will inevitably mire such a project – however well meaning its original aim. The need for humanity’s leaders to align themselves with the frequencies of the age has never been greater – our near-term survival as a species, in fact, utterly depends on this. Only a bloodless revolution can affect this change. So who will be the children of the revolution? They will be the Children of Eden. And when the revolution comes, where will it begin? It will begin within the hearts of each man, women and child on this planet.’

Eloquently written and including copious notes and footnotes and references, Martin Hinde has presented us with key, a door, and an invitation/challenge. This is a book for everyone who thinks and cares about where we are and where we can go. Grady Harp, April 17

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